[An Affair to remember] Chapter 1 – The unplanned vacay

It’s wonderful that food binds people in someway or the other, no matter what Country you belong to or visit. I am an amatuer photographer and often travel to different countries to explore and enjoy their cultures. I never go by how the media portrays a particular country. As in my opinion good hospitality is something every culture and religion has by default. Cutting the … Continue reading [An Affair to remember] Chapter 1 – The unplanned vacay

Being old school is a pride.

Technology has killed the Happiness and peace over years.Back then family outings were twice or thrice a year event and not like how they do it these days.Everyone had loads of memories in their hearts to make, instead of Instagram stories.Trains and buses were preferred transport mediums over plane.No mobile phones, therefore native games like cards , ludo , snake and ladder , cricket , … Continue reading Being old school is a pride.

Don’t know why ….. but I liked it !

As usual I was so much drowned into my thoughts in my own personal “Dojo” of enhancement and enlightenment, I happened to catch up with an inadvertent forty wink. As my eyes were closing, the sleep was setting in and I was in a state where I knew I am awake, yet asleep. I was in a room with 3 supposedly stranger women. Two of … Continue reading Don’t know why ….. but I liked it !

Break the 14 stereotypes – 1

Good Morning and a very happy Diwali to all my readers. Society always sets some stereotypes for men, women and transgenders. People are judged based on such stereotypes. So what if you don’t follow those stereotypes ?? I just penned down a representation indifferent of genders. If your woman doesn’t know how to cook, it’s totally fine. My mom has taught me “A man is … Continue reading Break the 14 stereotypes – 1

फिर ले आया दिल लेके…..

उन हसीन दिनों की बात ही कुच और थीजब तुम्हारे ज़ुल्फ़ों की खुशबू मे खोया रेहता था.रात भर जागे और दिन मे सोया रेहता था.घम मे हसी और खुशियों में रोया करता था.तुम्हारी एक हँसी से दिन खिल उठता था.तुम्हारी मीठी बातों से कानों को मानो ताज़गी सी मिलती थी.बस तुम्हारी ही ज़रूरत थी ज़िंदगी को. फिर एक ऐसा मोड़ लिया ज़िंदगी नेजब तुम्हारी आदत … Continue reading फिर ले आया दिल लेके…..

My caramel-cream fondue sweetheart.

Beautiful stunning eyes, a small bindi between the eyebrows in the temple region of forehead.Eyes have a thin line of kajal, perfectly lined.Hair on the sides of the forehead looks like an elite curtain curves on the corners.Nose like a beautiful piece of puzzle placed to achieve perfection.Lips are so pretty that the lip tips form a triangular line with the tip of nostrils on … Continue reading My caramel-cream fondue sweetheart.