[Transtemporal Quest] – Remiozode

Chris, Joanne and Anna were excited to plan for Huxley’s birthday party secretly. Hux was out at work meanwhile the trio entered his condo. Jo and Ann started decorating the house, preparing some delicious food, meanwhile Chris started arranging for booze and juice to make a cocktail punch. As he opened the bottles and started pouring the spirits, juices and loads of cut fruits in … Continue reading [Transtemporal Quest] – Remiozode

Exclusive Monologues – Gravity of beauty.

Yet another normal autumn day and I was on my way to work.I choose to live a simple life with my own principles.I prefer to travel by rickshaw rather than a carBecause I believe let someone’s family benefit with me reaching office on time,Therefore I don’t even bargain with the rickshaw driver.So there I caught a rickshaw and started off. It’s a 50-minute journey and … Continue reading Exclusive Monologues – Gravity of beauty.

Confessions of a devastated soul

Originally posted on Welcome to the path of peace:
1:00 AM, as I lie on this bed with thoughts running through my head.Blood flowing up my cranium, like Medusa’s snakes craving to be fed. As i look back at my life and all of those events.And all the cheddar I earned in my life, spent on rents. Situations and people teaching me, that life ain’t… Continue reading Confessions of a devastated soul

Doctors of life – Teachers.

Birth, parental love, happy upbringing, happy adolescence, adulthood, love, travel, succeed academically, earn in lots, marry the sweetheart, have a good house, car, friends, have kids, repeat the cycle u have been through for your kids and die together. If you yield at least 50 percent of the above mentioned life events, then you my friend are one among the luckiest ones. Reality is much … Continue reading Doctors of life – Teachers.