Being old school is a pride.

Technology has killed the Happiness and peace over years.Back then family outings were twice or thrice a year event and not like how they do it these days.Everyone had loads of memories in their hearts to make, instead of Instagram stories.Trains and buses were preferred transport mediums over plane.No mobile phones, therefore native games like cards , ludo , snake and ladder , cricket , … Continue reading Being old school is a pride.

Break the 14 stereotypes – 1

Good Morning and a very happy Diwali to all my readers. Society always sets some stereotypes for men, women and transgenders. People are judged based on such stereotypes. So what if you don’t follow those stereotypes ?? I just penned down a representation indifferent of genders. If your woman doesn’t know how to cook, it’s totally fine. My mom has taught me “A man is … Continue reading Break the 14 stereotypes – 1

I am good and I know that.

Good afternoon bloggers, welcome to the generation, where everyone is fighting without a goal or purpose to live. Money, fame and lifestyle is driving everyone to insanity. Everyone wants a better life than their immediate friends, relatives or neighbors. Jealousy is rising with competitiveness. People are more concerned about how much they can benefit from someone, rather than how much someone would be helpful out … Continue reading I am good and I know that.

Rendezvous with corporate myrmidons

Good Morning all to my wonderful readers. I came across a very interesting topic for my post. I have many colleagues, who respect and value me and I equally reciprocate them with what they deserve. But there are few, like those t shirts that lose color at first wash. That’s the nature of their quality. These are some individuals of the organization, who gets paid … Continue reading Rendezvous with corporate myrmidons

Dreams, The 11th Dimension

Do you ever recollect, witnessing an entire new life in your shortest possible forty wink ? Dreams are one of the biggest mystery to understand. I woke up today with a beautiful feeling, no reason in particular. Then when I started thinking in reverse, I simply recollected all the instances like a power-point slide playing. None of them has ever been a part of my … Continue reading Dreams, The 11th Dimension