Exclusive Monologues – Gravity of beauty.

Yet another normal autumn day and I was on my way to work.I choose to live a simple life with my own principles.I prefer to travel by rickshaw rather than a carBecause I believe let someone’s family benefit with me reaching office on time,Therefore I don’t even bargain with the rickshaw driver.So there I caught a rickshaw and started off. It’s a 50-minute journey and … Continue reading Exclusive Monologues – Gravity of beauty.

Romantic Monologues – Short lived love… or was it really ?

In case you have missed their stories in the past, please do refer to the link below for the second part of the monologue named “First Kiss” https://iyerharidaily.com/2020/09/09/romantic-monologues-first-kiss/ Harish and Amrita finally fell in love with each other. Slowly everyone in the college started noticing their love and as usual like a typical indian, started mocking the couple. Initially they took it sportingly, but later … Continue reading Romantic Monologues – Short lived love… or was it really ?

I am good and I know that.

Good afternoon bloggers, welcome to the generation, where everyone is fighting without a goal or purpose to live. Money, fame and lifestyle is driving everyone to insanity. Everyone wants a better life than their immediate friends, relatives or neighbors. Jealousy is rising with competitiveness. People are more concerned about how much they can benefit from someone, rather than how much someone would be helpful out … Continue reading I am good and I know that.

Confessions of a devastated soul

Originally posted on Welcome to the path of peace:
1:00 AM, as I lie on this bed with thoughts running through my head.Blood flowing up my cranium, like Medusa’s snakes craving to be fed. As i look back at my life and all of those events.And all the cheddar I earned in my life, spent on rents. Situations and people teaching me, that life ain’t… Continue reading Confessions of a devastated soul

Exclusive Monologues – Double Confusion-ki-dukaan

If you are following this daily blog, you must be knowing our very own sweet confusion-ki-dukaan. I had written a monologue on her. In case you missed out, here is the link for the Monologue, rather a prologue for this monologue. https://iyerharidaily.com/2020/09/07/exclusive-monologues-confusion-ki-dukaan/ Coming back from our previous post, now the situation is double confusing for confusion-ki-dukaan. Did anyone ask her what made her take that … Continue reading Exclusive Monologues – Double Confusion-ki-dukaan

Romantic Monologues – First Kiss.

If you haven’t read the previous Monologue “Nervous Pyar”, please do read it before reading this one. The link for “Nervous Pyar”. https://iyerharidaily.com/2020/09/06/romantic-monologues-nervous-pyar/ So Harish and Amrita slowly started having mutual feelings for each other. Their common point of meeting was the Chowpatty beach. Every Friday, they met at the beach and spent hours walking, talking and staring at each other with love. After dropping … Continue reading Romantic Monologues – First Kiss.

भूल गया हू।

रोता तो नहीं हूँ ,बस मुस्कुराना भूल गया हूँ।पहले की तरह अब मेंजीना भूल गया हूँ। न जाने किस बात की सोच मेंखोया रहता हूँ।खामोश रहने लगा हूँवो बकबक भूल गया हूँ। लोगो से अब दिल मेराशिकायत तक नहीं करता।कोई है भी क्या अपना ?में ये भी भूल गया हूँ। खामोश सा हो गया हूँ अंदर सेन जाने क्यों में एक अरसे से खुलकर हसना … Continue reading भूल गया हू।