Passing Clouds

Many people may have a beautiful perception of friends and friendships. I have a perception too. Just that it’s beautiful and painful at the same time. Every day I check my phone to see if I get a message, but then I realize we don’t belong to the same levels anymore. I often try to relive those good old days by sending a message, but then I get a generic, uninterested fake response. They are much superior and at better places now. So why would they even think of me or talk to me? Yes, I’ve had beautiful memories with them in those days. We all belonged to the same group of thoughts. I even remember sacrificing my self-respect for a few. Just because I really loved them and cared for them. I fought with them when the whole society was against it. I picked up their calls and answered when they felt lonely and needed a shoulder to cry on. I shared all my happy moments with them. And eventually, when I was going through a tough period, they started distancing me. A few of them started giving me generic advice. But none came to me and said, “I am there for you, don’t worry !”. I fought sleepless nights with severe alcoholism and depression. A few of them were so shameless that despite knowing that I was going through a disaster, they called me asking to help them with their tiny problems. In Hindi, the phrase “Dosti mein Jaan Dena” .Forget about giving their lives; they didn’t even have a few minutes to spare for this friend. Therefore, I would like to pay my respects in this funeral session of words, for all the friendships I showered to those “So-called” friends with all my heart. There is no difference between these “So-called” friends and the passing clouds. They come and go as per their necessity. When they need you, they make an impact on your life. When the need is fulfilled, they go looking for someone else, never acknowledging your existence. I still hope that someday a friend will come who will break this perception of mine. But the chances are very sparse. I would like to conclude this Funeral session with a few beautiful lines.

“You came into my life, and we smiled, we laughed and made memories. You chose to break from me when I was metaphorically paralyzed with the burdens of my life. Thank you for all those moments of happiness. Stay safe and blessed. Goodbye, my passing cloud :).”

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