[Transtemporal Quest] – Remiozode

Chris, Joanne and Anna were excited to plan for Huxley’s birthday party secretly. Hux was out at work meanwhile the trio entered his condo. Jo and Ann started decorating the house, preparing some delicious food, meanwhile Chris started arranging for booze and juice to make a cocktail punch. As he opened the bottles and started pouring the spirits, juices and loads of cut fruits in the punch bowl, the sheer display of his skill felt like the famous cocktail specialist Tipsy Bartender. Chris asked Jo “I am so glad, Hux won’t miss being lonely this year.” Jo replied “Yes and so do I.” Jo used to secretly love Hux and today she was planning to ask him out. The trio spent the whole day preparing for a brilliant surprise. It was almost 7:00 PM and Hux was about to reach home any moment. He wasn’t aware that these trio were hiding inside his house with all the lights off, waiting with a surprise. He opened the door and switched on the lights and *party poppers blown* “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUXLEY !” He was overwhelmed by the gesture and all four hugged getting all emotional. Meanwhile Jo proposed Hux and He accepted. So it was a double reason for us all to celebrate. Soon the rest of the invitees arrived and the party was on full swing. 11:23 PM and Chris was almost super heavy drunk chugging down 12 drinks of the punch. Anna had a crush on Chris and she started approaching him for some cozy time. But he was too drunk that, he preferred to stay away at that moment, since . She started running towards him while he ran upstairs, trying to avoid her. He entered Hux’s room and hid inside the wardrobe. Anna came in, looked for him and left while not finding him. He heaved a sigh. His eyes went towards the corner of the wardrobe. There was something in pink illuminating between the rack of clothes. He reached out his hands and after fiddling with the stack of clothes he finally touched something like a stone. As soon as he touched the stone, he started feeling the wardrobe levitating, after that, the wardrobe disintegrated into parts and started getting sucked into a whirlpool of tiny black dot. He simply blacked out after that.

He woke up to a loud super sonic sound of waves coming towards him. As he opened his eyes He found himself on a beachside in some unknown land. He saw a small dot of something approaching towards the shore and that was where the sound was resonating from. As the dot was getting clearer, the sound got louder. Finally the vehicle reached the shore and his eyes were wide open simply looking at that thing. Around 200 feet high and 800 feet long, there stood a monster vehicle that looked exactly like a plane, floating on the cold sea waters. Soon the mouth of the plane opened up wide and a line of tanks started hitting the shores one by one. That monstrosity had a capacity to hold like 50 tanks and still have 50 percent empty space. Chris quickly went behind some bushes and stayed hidden. After a few minutes he realized, the color of the sun wasn’t the same. Actually there were 5 suns in the sky each with different shades of colors. Soon his eyes reached out at the shores. The sea water was not a liquid to be precise. It was a viscous semi liquid semi gas substance on which the Plane was docked. So When he checked on the bushes and trees behind him, they all looked exactly like normal trees. He was not able to understand what was happening. Suddenly behind him, he heard some noises coming from the bushes. He quickly lied on the bushes and closed his eyes. Apparently he passed out again. The next when he opened his eyes, he found four levitating humans looking towards him and talking to each other in another language. They looked into his eyes and asked in english “How did you reach B56 and where are you from ?” Chris was surprised that they spoke english but was totally confused what they asked him. He asked them in a nervous voice “What is B56 ?”They laughed and replied “B56 is this country.” They asked “Where have you come from ?” He replied “I have come from Baltimore , USA ” Hearing this they were shocked and quickly asked him “Which year are you from ?” He replied “2021 !” They all were super shocked and they responded “You have entered the year xnc578bpi.” He couldn’t understand what they said. Apparently the gregorian calendar was abolished and a new system was in place. He asked them “How far is 2021 from this year ?” They said “27 dimensions and 1 dimension is 600k light years away from original Planet Earth. Earth does not exist anymore as a planet, but the language English and the numericals still exist to communicate with time travellers. Our actual language is not audible to human ears, hence we inject translation chips for a two way communication. You in your language, are 23 billion years behind us.” He simply couldn’t react to what they said and got speechless. They asked him “There is no way you can even reach this far off to future and we are sure that you must be possessing the rare and the most precious and secretive stone Remiozode to have opened the portal from where you exist.” Having this said, suddenly a whirlpool of turquoise hollow appeared out of nowhere and they got sucked into it. He tried to get his hands on the pocket to reach out for his phone, when suddenly the humongous ekranoplan like ship started sailing away from the shore. He suddenly remembered that he has a stone like thing in his pocket that he got from Hux’s wardrobe. As soon as his palms touched the stone, another whirlpool hollow appeared and he got sucked into it.

When Chris opened his eyes, he found himself with Anna on the bed , passed out after the party. It took him a few hours to realize that he is safe now. He slowly tried to touch his pockets to feel if he still has the stone and there was nothing inside his pant pockets anymore. Only thing that remained is the snaps of memories inside his brain.

One thought on “[Transtemporal Quest] – Remiozode

  1. WOW, exciting piece of imagination … But the truth was quite relatable about the destruction of earth in the following years and new means of survival.


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