Warm Fuzzies – VSOP

6:00 PM on a random friday :- I just finished with my meeting and logged off my system. It was a stressed out week and I needed some relaxation to rejuvenate and get back on my feet for the coming week, so I decided to start it off with an epsom salt bath in my special LED illuminated Jacuzzi tub. I am very picky when it comes to atmosphere. I had all the accessories prepped up way in advance. Three main elements Bath salts, oils and my custom made Bubble bath pods. We have alexa controlled centralized speakers distributed in 4 zones, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living room and Kitchen. We can activate each zone individually on commands to alexa. So I entered the bathroom and said “Alexa, activate zone 3 please !” and the activation dot light lit green in the corner of the bathroom. Then alexa asked me “Please choose your mood ?” I said “Therapeutic mode with water temperature around 40c .” Alexa responded “Okay Chris !” The power jet was set to low and it was spurting warm water. I threw in 2 bubble bath pods, put a few drops of bergamot and lavender essential oils and finally emptied a packet of epsom salts on the tub. In a few seconds the tub was full and got in. My hands reached on the corner, took the wine glass and poured in some Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, I always chose either Remy Martin, St’ Remy or Hennessy. I said “Alexy please turn on my playlist 23” Alexa responded “Okay Chris !” The first song started and it was Frank Sinatra classic “The way you look tonight”. As I took the first sip of Cognac, my brain just rewound 12 years behind.

Back in 2011, I had somehow freshly graduated and was looking for a job. I came from a very poor family, my parents did menial jobs to feed the family, by brother was a drug addict and never stayed home. My parents often fought and that affected my studies and personal life. I wanted to escape the hellish life I was going through. The money for graduation and studies were also sponsored by my uncle. I was a shy and quiet person in college, and was often bullied by the rich brats out of nowhere. One guy named Brendan loved to bully me a lot in college days. Now since I graduated, I thought I have gotten rid of those dark bully days, but not yet *sigh*. One day I went to a company named Jonathon’s Corp with my resume looking for a job. My academics were decent enough to get a regular job. I reached the floor and asked the receptionist “Good day, my name is Christopher and I have an interview scheduled today.” she smiled back and said “Let me check” then she let me in after 20 minutes. I reached the cabin door and asked “May I come in ?” I heard a “Yes dork !!!” I could recognize that voice. It was Brendan. He looked at me and started laughing hysterically. There were four other of his bully gang in the cabin. He started telling his gang “Look our dorky porky is here ! He is so poor that his clothes are stolen from donation camps and now look at his audacity to come to MINE, Brenden Jonathon’s Dad’s prestigious company for an accountant’s job.” Another bully guy started “Hey !!! you dorky porky, come here and clean the mess on the corner.” I felt like a hostage and started walking towards the corner to obey their orders. As I peeped on the corner, I literally saw garbage littered everywhere pizza boxes, styrofoam glasses and sprite bottles everywhere. Then my eyes went on the table there were bottles of Cough syrups. I was sure they were having the “Purple Drank” or “Sizzurp” which is a deadly drink to get high made of codeine, sour strips and sprite. They get the codeine from the cough syrup. Brendon then started playing songs on his phone and I started cleaning up the mess, while He and his gang danced on to the music. He took a brandy bottle from the cabinet and started filling styrofoams for his gang. I paused for a moment and kept on staring at them. Brendan slapped on my head hard and laughed “Hey Dorky idiot, whatchu lookin at ? This is a VSOP !! Do you even know what is a VSOP ? ” I trembled and softly said “no” while keeping my heads down. I had to silently clean up the mess for them as they were doing it all at the cost of not tearing my College marksheets and resume.

Suddenly I heard a beep and Alexa said “Chris, Your butler is here to deliver your groceries, please pass your message at the beep” I said “Please keep the stuffs on the table and exit.” and having that said I started laughing hysterically and took another sip of VSOP ! I own Jonathon’s Corp along with 7 other companies now, own 2 condos and 1 villa including this one, not to mention I changed the name of the company to “Jameson’s Corp” , My father’s name and for the finale surprise, Brenden is my butler and he is married now and clean off his drug addiction and out of rehab since 2 years. He stays in my quarters with his wife and 2 kids. They went bankrupt. It’s so surprising and funny that time has this immense strength to flip things so perfectly. But I still remain humble and polite with him. He has this heavy regret and doesn’t have the guts to face me while speaking.

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