Warm Fuzzies – Forever

It was 11:00 PM and I quickly wrapped up, packed my bags and left my desk, did my business in the washroom and started walking out of the corridor of my building. It was almost empty as many had left the premises and the few of night shifters were settling in. It was late November so the cold weather had already started kicking in. I quickly took my jacket and wore it. My cab driver was almost 2 minutes away from the gate and I got all ready with my phone connected to the headphone and YT Music playlist ready. The driver reached, I gave him the OTP and our ride began. My house is 22 Kms from the company where I work, so it takes like 15 – 20 minutes to reach on an empty road, not to mention the long traffic that extends the journey time by another 15 – 20 mins even during odd hours like midnights. So on an average it takes 40 mins for me to reach my home and ring the doorbell. I am and have always been an introverted personality when it comes to having fun and partying. So I am content within my solitude. I randomly selected a playlist and started playing the songs in YT Music, slightly closed my eyes and rested my head on the car seat. I don’t remember how long time passed and I ended up in a short nap while the songs had jumped out of my playlist to recommendation lists. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed outside, there were so many shops with Christmas tree lights decorated on it. I was wondering that there was still a whole month for Christmas and the vibes have already started hitting the city. It was a beautiful view. Suddenly a new song started playing. The first few seconds and It got way more than emotional. It was “Chris brown – Forever” being played. I was hearing this song probably after a decade. My mind slipped into sepia mode of memories.

Back in 2010, I was doing my Masters and it was Christmas time. My parents were out of town for some religious visit and I was alone with my canine labrador “lil smiles”. I decorated my room with red balloons and candles, ordered for a Pineapple and Black Forest cake. I was cooking Paneer tikka masala and Pulav for the dinner and ordered Garlic butter naan and Aloo jeera from a nearby restaurant. I also got one Coke and one Fanta. Its was around 08:00 P.M and the colony where I stayed were full of Christians. So every house had a Christmas tree and lantern with lots of lightning at their windows. The entire colony was lit and it felt very pleasant. Finally the doorbell rang and smiles started wagging his tail in excitement and started woofing. I opened the door and there she was standing in all stunning cream blue Buttoned Side-Slit Midi Dress and a denim jacket wrapped around her top. Her face was glowing with utmost happiness and then she smiled at me and said “Kich !! I am here.” A plethora of feelings were going through my young adventurous mind. I was awestruck by her appearance, mesmerized by her beauty, happy by her presence, satisfied by what life was offering me and proud thinking of calling her my wife soon. Yes she was kabbs, not the woman of my dreams but the woman who taught me to dream. I fell in love with her in 2008 and ever since kept loving. She came inside and sat on the sofa and started pampering smiles while I went inside to give a finishing touch to my preparations. It was our 2nd anniversary of me asking her out. I finished with the errands and joined her in the living room. We often talked and texted a lot on phone, but spoke less when we met. She respected me alot and so did I. I then started off with my surprises. First I gifted her a turquoise translucent earring with white gold plating. She gifted me an iPod shuffle. Yes our gifts were quite expensive ones, but the day was special as well. I sat next to her and held her by my arms. She quickly leaned her head on my shoulders and said “Two years went by and we hardly realized while we were so much into each other. ” I quickly popped up the second surprise. I went on my knees, popped out a small box from the pocket and popped it open. It was a beautiful gold ring with our initials engraved on it. I spent 1 year savings on the gifts and decoration, which clearly indicates I was planning this for a year. Just to add, I was working in a Business Process Organization night shifts along with my daytime Post graduations since 2008. She was awestruck and I could clearly see that in her eyes. She smiled and then her eyes was full of emotions. she hugged me tight and smiles also started woofing in excitement and happiness. She said “Let’s get married Kich !!” and in excitement I started dancing randomly. My computer was in the living room and accidently I hit the spacebar in my random antiques. My speaker started playing “Chris Brown – Forever” to which we both danced and kissed and promised to live with each other forever.

Suddenly the cab stopped with a jerk and my cab driver asked me “Sir, should I take another right or drop you off here.” I was home. I quickly thanked him and got off the car. I started walking by the alleyway towards my building. My steps were shorter and slower. I paused for a moment, took off the spectacle and wiped off my tears. Life has always taught lessons, lessons that you never wish to learn, but you need to or maybe you are destined to. A slight smile lit on my face and I chuckled “What has memories of Kabbie to do, when her Kicha is dead”. With that being said, I paced up towards home and continued my routine life. In this cold robotic and monotonous lifestyles, it’s such warm fuzzies that sparks a few smiles and makes us realize we have a soul and it connects to the heart.

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