[The cursed shoe house] – Renjith’s disappearance.

As soon as Renjith opened the fridge to fetch the milk, He saw something in the fridge and he screamed at the top of his voice and fainted. Bijin got moved by the scream and rushed into the kitchen. He saw Renjith lying fainted and He opened the fridge door lightly, there was nothing inside. A few hours passed by and Renjith woke up . Bijin was sitting in next to him in a hung state. Both of them were sober and confused. Bijin quickly called the post office and requested to grant a leave for the day for both of them. Renjith asked Bijin “What was all this ? Never in my life have I ever seen something terrible like this.” Bijin asked “What did you see in the fridge that you fainted ?” Renjith was like “I saw an amputated left leg and it was shocking.” Bijin continued “I saw shoes falling from the toilet and vaporizing when it touched the ground.” Renjith asked Bijin “Didn’t you enquire before living in this house ?” Bijin replied “Renjith … look ….I am really sorry , I knew there is something paranormal when I came here, every pair of my new footwear was mysteriously disappearing for a few weeks, but then I rubbed it off thinking it must be coincidence or work of some animal or thief. Then everything stopped for months and now again strange things have started happening.” Renjith got so furious hearing this he started cussing him in malayalam and they started verbally fighting. After sometime Bijin asked “Now what can we do ?” Renjith suggested “Let’s first call a mandravaadi (Occult ghost healer) and perform some seance or ritual here and after that lets leave this house.” Bijin agreed and they arranged for a healer by the same day evening.

The healer reached their house at 8:00 PM He instantly stopped at the gate and said “I will not enter this place.” He stood for a while and returned without speaking a word. Renjith and bijin tried their best to convince him, but he was adamant in his actions and did not even speak one word. So both of them decided to go out and book a hotel room to spend that night. Bijin decided to keep a night vision camera on at the entrance of the house and leave. Next morning they came back home. Everything was normal. They were still petrified and decided to sleep at hotel room for a few days. Renjith came from the bathroom and opened the cupboard to take out his pant, to his surprise it was cut on the left leg. He checked for other pants and all of his pants were cut above thighs on the left side and as usual one pair of Bijin’s few shoes went missing. Apparently there was no explanation to these incidents. Bijin secretly took the night vision camera and started watching the recording without informing Renjith. Exactly at 3:17 there was a glitch on the camera and by 3:44 everything was back to normal. Nothing was captured on camera. Bijin and Renjith decided to keep these incidents discreet from their families. A few days passed by and there was no activity. Finally They decided to stop sleeping in the hotel room and moved back in at night time. Both of them had already spent a lot of money in Hotel room and buying pants and shoes. Still for some reason they chose to continue staying in the house, but they were alert all the time. A few months passed by and It was almost marking one year since Bijin moved in.

One night Renjith had to spend alone in the house as Bijin had to leave for kerala immediately due to an emergency at home. It was 9:00 PM and Bijin packed his clothes and Renjith dropped him at the railway station. While returning Renjith completely forgot about al the paranormal events that had occured in the house. He was constantly busy talking to his fiancee. He bought some biryani and a few bottles beer on the way and kept on talking to his fiancee. By 11:20 He was almost 4 bottles down and finished off the entire biryani. Suddenly the lights started flickering again in the same fashion. He was way too much intoxicated to realize this. The flickering got so violent that it gave a strobe effect and eventually all the lights in the house burst at the same time. The sound was so loud that People living 3 houses away could hear it. But they chose to ignore and not interfere. Renjith was somewhat aware of the situation and kept on loudly cussing in Malayalam. The entire house was in darkness now. The same silhouette of the shadow man appeared and invited Him to the haunted house next door. Renjith felt intimidated and started following the silhouette. The dry leaves started rustling and there was a heavy draft of wind in that part of the street where the haunted house was located. Renjith entered the house.

Next morning, Bijin called Renjith, his phone is unreachable, He tried calling Ranjith’s fiancee, She said she spoke to him last night till 12, Now Bijin started getting slightly worried, He called the neighbour where He used to give the keys, They said, they heard the tubelight breaking sound at 12:30 and after that it was silent. He asked the uncle in that house to check whether renjith is in or not. The uncle went in the house and thoroughly looked every single corners in the room, all he found was empty beer bottles, biryani packet and shards of broken lights. Then the uncle went on the backside of the house, where he found a trail of bloodied footprints dragging towards the old haunted house. The uncle was shocked as he was informing Bijin on the phone. He disconnected and quickly called in the Police. The police reached and investigated both the haunted and Bijin’s house but all they found is bloodstains of footprints. The haunted house looked like nobody ever entered in decades. Renjith was officially missing now. Everyone in Renjith’s family were distraught. Both the houses were sealed. Bijin was interrogated and so were colony members. Bijin had to leave the place and move to a different neighbourhood. But Renjith’s disappearance was draining him emotionally every single day. Even Renjith’s cell phone went missing and out of coverage since then. The last location it pointed was the rented house itself. 9 months passed by and Police and Dog squad did thorough inspection throughout the area. but no sign of any other evidence anywhere. His disappearance became the talk of the town. The actual house owner of the house where Bijin and Renjith stayed Sold the house to government ultimately. Bijin was so much in depression that He somehow wanted to find out the truth behind Renjith’s disappearance. So with Police permission He hired a local Ghost hunter team called “Pei Busters !” Bijin finally decided to move back to the same location for interrogation and He received written permission to stay in the same house for a month and received a 24/7 police officer for vigilance as well as the case had escalated to central government police now. He took a month sabbatical leave from his job and moved with Pei Busters ( A team of 3) to The Shoe house. !!!

[stay tuned to find more]

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