[ Analogy Time ] – The pigeon and crow !

Saturday morning, I am sitting idle thinking what to do the rest of the day, suddenly I hear the sound of wings flapping. Okay let me start from the beginning. My apartment is on the third floor and my bedroom window has two layers of grills. The outer layer of grill extend until 3 – 4 feet down the window. There is a small space down there. Its rainy season here in Mumbai and birds are often the victim of it. A few days back I saw a couple of pigeons taking shelter in that small space for warmth. So I decided to go one step further. I purchased a bird feeder and tied up the feeder plates with a nylon rope and swayed it down like a makeshift pulley. On one plate I filled with raw rice and other I filled with water. 2 days later when I saw the plates, they were empty. So I decided to make it a habit to refill every day. It’s been a week now and there are two pigeons who have slowly started settling there. Everyday they collect twigs from different places and deposit it next to the feeder plate. Every morning I make sure they are not in place and slowly pull the feeder and refill, before they come.

So coming back today, I heard flapping of wings, so I slowly crouched through the window and what do I see, two crows are trying to get into the grill to grab some rice and one of the pigeon is flapping its wings on the edge of the grill, trying to block the crows from entering. This continued for like 15 mins until the crows finally fled. The pigeon was blocking since it had already started making its nest in here. I smiled and thought how relatable it is with Humans as well. When someone is empty, nobody cares and when the same person struggles and puts a lot of efforts and begin building an empire with a piece of twig, many cloacas (assholes) come flying either to block his/her success or bask in the glory of his/her efforts.

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