Ephemeral Epiphany !

How do I even begin this blog post. Me being a writer, go through different mood swings at different times. I cannot adjust myself in any given bubble. I make my own habitat with conditions. Those who can adjust within my habitat are lucky enough to enjoy my hospitality of love, care and company. I may have intentionally or unintentionally let a few down in life but so have many let me down, though I cannot comment whether they have intentionally. I am often immersed in my own thoughts and daydreaming in my own dimension of dream world. Like every other person on earth, even I have certain dreams and a lot of them are yet to be fulfilled. After years of life experience and hair loss, I have learnt one thing in Life, that pure Hard work is plain bullshit. Luck also matters many times. Even though you try your best, it may not show up. Struggle hard and earn many accolades and yet you remain an average dunce with life, whereas the ones who learn from you overtake you with everything. Many a time you are the one, who can love and respect someone so deep and the same person spits you like a used chewing gum, twisted in a wrapper and thrown in the bin. Whereas people who have least amount of feelings, go around having illicit sex with countless people and eventually end up with the best possible spouse ever. Sometime life is really unexplainable and when you think of getting an explanation, you get lost in an emotional expedition. I often get episodes of such emotional effluvial thoughts.

On one such of my usual episodes, I was chatting with a new friend I discovered miles, culture, language, and countries apart. She is one of the sweetest persons, I have come across in my life ever. Chatting with her makes me feel pleasant. We both share somewhat similar taste for music as well. She texted me “Whenever you feel low or depressed, simply dance. Dance like there is no tomorrow. I even dance at traffic light.” I read her words and it was like an epiphany , a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization. I started dancing in my room like there is no tomorrow and my mind was so much relieved. She is simply amazing !

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