[The cursed shoe house] – The Shadow Man

Next day he decided to buy a night vision camera and a pair of chappals and decided to record how the shoe goes missing through the night. Next morning he woke up and quickly checked the footage of recording and got shocked to the core, the footage was blurred out with some technical glitch between 3:17 AM and 3:44 AM and his shoe went missing after that. Now he got slightly creeped out to stay in that house; every small sounds started freaking him out, yet her decided to stay and keep a watch on the activities. He kept all of his footwear safe in the neighbour’s house and daily went to wear them during his visits and keep it back once he returned. A few days passed by and there was no strange activities observed in the house, not even in the night vision camera footage, so he decided to get his pair of shoes back home and observe. To his surprise everything was normal and a few months passed by smoothly. One day Bijin got a call from his colleague Renjith that He was joining the same courier service for the same branch under Bijin. Renjith eventually reached the house one day before his reporting. Bijin got happier, since he doesn’t need to stay in the house alone, but since a few days, the paranormal activities had stopped completely, Bijin completely forgot to mention about them to Renjith as its been months. They were busy enjoying their work and spent spare time roaming the town with other colleagues. Surprisingly Renjith’s shoes were also untouched and everything seemed very normal, at least that is what you all must be thinking.

One sunday evening, Renjith was busy chatting with his fiancee and Bijin was cooking some scrumptious fried chicken and pork vindaloo with rice. They had decided to party watching a new Malayalam movie on Prime with some good beer and tasty food. Suddenly all the lights in the house started flickering in a pattern for a few seconds and then got back to normal. They thought it must have been some electrical glitch and did not mind it much. A few moments later the flickering began again. This was disturbing Bijin and he asked Renjith to check the main switchboard. Renjith tried to switch off and on the main power supply and the power went off. Renjith called the EB (Electric Board ) and requested to send a technician to check. Meanwhile Bijin was almost done cooking and they decided to party in candle light. One pint down, two down, three down and on and on they went. Eventually they were 5 pints of beer down. Bijin opened up about the case of missing shoes to Renjith, but that he reacted very normal. It was almost 2AM and both of them were almost asleep. Suddenly they woke up to the sound of doorbell. They were too drunk to think how the doorbell rang when there is no power. Renjith went to open the door and found nobody, so he returned. The bell rang again, this time Bijin went and he too found nobody at the door. Exactly at 3:17 AM the doorbell rang again, This time both of them went to open the door. Both were so intoxicated that they were hardly in their senses. This time they saw a silhouette of a disabled man with a walking stick standing a few meters away from their door. They yelled in malayalam “Who is this pig , ringing bells and disturbing our sleep in the middle of the night.” The anomaly did not move or respond for a few minutes. They both were so out of their senses that, they laid down at the entrance of the house and slept.

Next day morning, when they opened their eyes, first thing they were surprised to find themselves at the house entrance. But they hardly remember the shadow figure. Renjith told Bijin in a sober voice “You go for bath and get ready first, in the meantime i’ll prepare chaya.” Bijin started walking towards the bathroom in a very sober state. As soon as he opened the bathroom door, hundreds of shoes started falling and as soon as the shoes touched the ground they vapourized into a mist and disappeared. Bijin almost stood shocked and speechless. Meanwhile Renjith went to kitchen for preparing chai. As soon as he opened the fridge to fetch the milk, He saw something in the fridge and he screamed at the top of his voice and fainted.

[stay tuned to find more]

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