[The cursed shoe house] – Missing Shoes

Bijin is a Mailman serving for a private courier service. He is native to Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Due to his amazing on-time delivery and polite ethics towards work, He got promoted to the post of Delivery Manager and got a transfer to a calm and beautiful town in Tamil Nadu. He was very happy with the promotion and transfer and started looking for rented apartments in the town. He is another level of miser when it comes to finances, so He always chose to save maximum wherever possible. He moved to the town a few days earlier to finalize this accommodation. He got a house with the minimum rent as low as ₹250/- The house was the last independent one in the row houses. The adjacent house was closed and was in a decay condition. Bijin did not notice all that. Finally He moved into the new rented house and joined as Delivery Manager. A few days passed by and He was enjoying the stay throughly.

One night, as usual, He came home, took shower and went to sleep. Next day He woke up, got dressed. When He reached out for his shoes, one of the pair was missing. He searched for a while and did not get it. So He decided to wear his crocs and go. On the way back home, He decided to buy another pair of shoes as a backup. Next day again He found the other pair of the brand new shoes missing. To his surprise, even the other pair of his crocs went missing. He suspected this to be done by some cats or animals. So He decided to buy a pair of shoes again and keep them boxed on the bed while sleeping. Next day He woke up and opened the box and found one pair missing. Now Bijin started slightly creeping out. It was a sunday morning, so He decided to go to the neighbouring house to socialize. There was an inhabited house 3 houses next to his door. He introduced himself as a tenant to the last house. The house members started staring at him in a weird scary way. When He asked “What is the problem ? Why are you staring at me like this ?” The aunt spoke “Why did you move into that house ?” Bijin asked “Why ? what is wrong with that house ?” The aunt continued “There is a house next to yours which is in ruins for the past 15 years. The house is supposedly haunted. They say there is a Ghost of Mailman, who worked for India Post.” and she went on with the story “There stayed a Mailman Babu in that house. He was an orphan and hardly interacted with people. One day He lost one of his legs in a rail accident and after that He lost his job as well. After that, He went into a severe depression and suicide one day hanging onto the ceiling fan. His body was found in a rotten condition after 7 days, when neighbours complained of foul smell. Your house owner started encountering many paranormal activities after a few weeks. Lights would flicker for no reason, doors would open and close mysteriously and not to mention one pair of footwear goes missing.” Bijin got shocked on hearing this and He lost all his courage to even enter the house. The aunt asked him to stay alert and calm.

Next day He decided to buy a night vision camera and a pair of chappals and decided to record how the shoe goes missing. Next day morning he woke up and quickly checked the footage of recording and He was shocked to the core…….

[stay tuned to find more]

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