Maturity destroys Innocence.

Waking up at 7 AM on a weekend and rushing outside with the bat to play cricket with friends.

Rushing towards the school gate after the last period on a friday/saturday, with mom waiting to pick up.

Switching on the TV remote to watch Powerpuff girls, Swat Kats, Scooby doo, Ninja robots, Dexter’s Lab, Captain Planet and on and on for the whole day.

Jumping out of excitement when dad gets maggi to eat for everyone.

Going to Dadar/CST with dad to pick-up a relative (Cousin/Aunt/Uncle/Grandma) happily and crying inconsolably when they leave.

Scoring half mark more than your best friend and feeling like a King.

Playing games like land & water, chocolate box and listening to horror stories of the so called “haunted well” adjacent to the school compound.

Crying on the last day of school when parting with best friends, off for a long vacation.

House filled with cutouts of brown paper and the smell of fresh note and text book opened a day before school begins.

Using one common book and writing all subjects and rough work in that same book throughout the year.

No biased feelings between genders and treating all of them the exact same way.

Being a favourite of that one teacher and feeling proud about it.

Fighting with your sibling for the silliest possible reason but defend them when someone else tries to fight.

When bored take any random object at home and start playing anything imaginative out of it just to pass time.

Falling off the bicycle n number of times before learning to balance.

Collecting photos of Gods and going to the society terrace with friends and building a temple and perform holy rituals straight out of nowhere.

Getting well dressed for Independence day and Republic day functions.

Eating a small piece of cake, one samosa, a few pieces of chips and 2 toffees of every other person’s birthday.

Mistaking the year in the month of January while making notes.

No permanent hatred, jealousy, anger and everyone playing together indifferent of rich-poor, black-white, fat-slim, hindu-muslim-christian-sikh-parsi.

Those are the most beautiful, innocent and happy days of one’s life.

Hence the the title “Maturity destroys Innocence.”

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