[An Affair to remember] Chapter 3 – Joumou, Kremas and some love at Cacor.

7:00AM my alarm rings, I got a sound, much needed good night sleep. Most of the family members were awake already and busy with household chores. I quickly finished brushing and chatted with her aunts and uncles. Darline came out of her room, wished me “Good Morning” and asked me to quickly get dressed as we were about to go to some place for a few days for vacay. I quickly went for a shower (without even having my coffee.), got dressed and packed all ready to move. We all gathered at the table for the breakfast. I was served with some boiled plantain, hard boiled eggs, avocado and a traditional secret sauce. Breakfast was quite filling and energy packed. Aunt Phara came to me and whispered “Do you like Darline ?” I simply blushed away for that question and she started laughing hard. Then she hugged me and said “Bondye beni ou” and kissed my forehead. I touched her feet and everyone were surprised on my gesture. I had to explain them showing some photos on google that We Hindus pay respect to our elders and teachers touching their feet. The whole atmosphere was kind of dramatic. It was 10:00 AM already and Darline told me to come outside and there was a cab waiting for us. I got into the cab having no clue of the next destination (This is how I normally like my travel.) The cab reached a beautiful seaport and there was a very luxurious super Yacht waiting for us. My jaws were dropped and I was amazed to see a Yacht for the first time in my life. I asked Darline “Are we going in this ?” She looked at me, smiled and nodded. I was running out of words and she was enjoying the pure excitement I was going through. She held her hands on my waist as we walked towards the Yacht which was named “King Neptune”. I asked her “Where are we going in this ?” She told me “Somewhere special to my heart.” She smiled again. Emotions of happiness was building within me slowly but steadily.

Finally the journey began as the Yacht started the sail exactly at 10:45.There were seats and few people were already seated. We kept our bags and sat down looking the view outside for a while. We both were silent. I held her by shoulders and let her lay her had on my shoulders. It is hardly a day since I know her and it felt like some connection clicked between us. After a while it was boring to sit at the same place so we decided to go see around the Yacht. There was a rooftop lounge and I always wished to feel the luxury of a yacht or cruise and Today Darline fulfilled my wish. The view from the top was amazing. Sun was scorching right above us, yet slightly there was some breeze and albatross were flying right along the yacht. I asked Darline “Would you like to have a drink ?” She said “Whatever you like.” I went to the bartender and asked him for the best in the house. He said “It is the Mexican Cinco de Mayo time now so I have some good Tequila cocktails. Still what would be your liquor of preference ?” I decided to go with Tequila, I quickly said “The Paloma in Patron Anejo with a touch of Jalapeno.” The guy gave me a confused look, So I said “Shall I do the needful ?” He said “With Pleasure !” I wore the bartender Apron and went to the mixing station.

 4 parts grapefruit soda (or grapefruit juice and club soda) and 1 part Patron Anejo tequila and 1 part of Blanco tequila, half a part of Agave syrup and finally some crushed lime and jalapeno with a spoon of pickled Jalapeno brine and grapefruit wedge and ice. The Paloma is a favorite classic tequila cocktail, as it is very refreshing and simple to make, which a slightly modified my style.

I made three glasses, One for me, Darline and one for the Bartender to try and know more about my cocktail mixing skills. The best way for drinking this was to take a small bite of pickled jalapeno and sip. Darline enjoyed the drink. The bartender was astonished by my recipe and appreciated my cocktail mixing skills. Darline said “That was one power packed drink, now I am feeling much refreshed. How do you know so much about cocktails ?” I said “Whenever I feel happy I make exceptional stuffs and I am so happy today.” She smiled and continued sipping the drink. We had some roasted bonito fish with a classic french lobster bisque, some rice, beans and chicken for lunch. It was almost 3:00 PM and we were approaching an island. As soon as the Yacht reached the Island They made an announcement “Welcome to Île-à-Vache Island”. Île-à-Vache is one of Haiti’s beautiful satellite islands. We checked into a resort and decided to take a shower first. After the shower we decided to stroll on the beachside. It was 4:20 PM already and I was waiting outside our room in a floral shirt and shorts. Darline came out of the room in a one-piece beachwear with a towel wrapped around her waist. She was looking so sexy and appealing that for a moment I completely forgot my manners and kept on staring at her. But then the inner voice said “Maintain your decency, don’t behave cheap.” She was looking beautiful right from the head-to-toe. She locked the room and held my hands and we left off for a walk. She said “I like you so much. I want to know a lot about you.” I said “Actually, I like you as well and feel the same like you.” Then we started talking about our high school and college days and it was already 8:00 PM . There was a mess in the resort where we had a choice for cooking our own dinner. I decided to surprise Darline, so I asked her to relax in the room and I will serve her the dinner. As she waited in the room, I went to the restaurant counted and asked for all the ingredients of Kremas and Joumou.

For Kremas :- 

1 – 12-ounce cans of evaporated milk

1 – 13.5-ounce can of coconut cream

1 – 14-ounce cans of sweetened condensed milk

Finely grated zest of 1 lime or lemon

3/4 cup best-quality dark rum (adjust as needed)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp almond extract

1 tsp anise extract

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp grated nutmeg

In a large punch bowl mix the evaporated milk and lime zest until well combined and smooth, about 30 seconds. Add the sweet condensed milk and coconut cream and whisk until combined. Whisk in the rum and the rest of the ingredients until smooth. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and transfer to a jug.
Stir the homemade cremas well before serving. Pour into ice-filled glasses; garnish with ground cinnamon.

For Joumou Soup :-

1 pound(s) Chicken Stew Meat

10 cup(s) Water

1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper

2 pound(s) Pumpkin

2 Peeled Carrots

2 Celery Stalks

5 Parsley Spigs

1 cup(s) Diced Onions

2 Peeled Turnips diced

2 Potatoes Cubed

1 pound(s) Cabbage chopped finely

1 pound(s) Thin Spaghetti

2 Limes

2 Tbs of Tomato Paste

1 cup(s) Tomato Sauce

Once the Soup and Kremas was ready, I nicely presented the dishes and went into the room. I asked Darline to close her eyes and placed the food on the table. I asked her to open the eyes. As she opened her eyes, She saw Kremas and Joumou and she was surprised. She started laughing out loud and asked me “Don’t tell me you cooked this !” I said “I did it Darline.” She took a sip of Kremas and said “This reminds me of my Uncle Henry’s Kremas !” Then she tasted the Joumou soup and said “Are you A Haitian ? How can you prepare a Haitian recipe so homely ?”I said “Cooking is my passion and like I said today I ldo exceptionally when I am very happy. I am happy that I found you and that is how my food just doesn’t have the taste, it also has the love.” We finished out sour and started drinking the Kremas. I prepared 2 liters of Kremas and we both kept on drinking. Our Kremas was almost over and she was already very high. I was kind of tipsy as well. It was late night 10:30 PM and we both locked our room and started walking towards the beach again. There was a group of vacation goes enjoying music around the bonfire. We joined the group, sang and danced. After the bonfire we returned to our room. She was more than tipsy and so was I. She pulled me towards her and held on my waist tightly. I held her face and we slowly closed our eyes and shared one of the sweetest kiss of that moment. Our lips were not willing to separate from one another at any cost. Her lips were really very deep, juicy and tasty.

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