[An Affair to remember] Chapter 2 – A small spark of Love.

As our journey began towards Les Cayes I felt so much like home. Being brought up in Mumbai Suburbs, I have always taken train or bus rides to work and college. Mumbai train and bus rides are somewhat similar in terms how people sit close to each other. The taptap started off towards the west from Port Au Prince. In a few mins I was already bored so thought of striking conversation with Darline and the locals. I love humour and what better way to start off a conversation by mocking myself to entertain the crowd. I started off “Excuse me Sir, do you wanna hear a song ?” He was like “Excuse me, no !” I said “I haven’t heard that song” and having that said I started laughing hard. People started staring at me like Dude seriously !! Darline looked at me and was like “What !!” I said “Sorry, I tried hehe I was getting very bored so attempted to strike some conversation that’s all.” She said it loud “Saaaaaad attempt ” and said something in creole “Mete absè sou klou” and everybody started laughing. The funny part was that even I laughed without knowing what she said. Then I asked her what she meant. She said “You are making the situation even worse with your sense of humor. hahahahaha. But you know what, You are cute” then she again said something in creole “ou bèl gason”. I again asked her what she meant, to which she said “You handsome man !” I got dem blushes when she said that. Don’t know whether it sounded cute or not, but I said “Tum bhi koi pari se kam nahi.” She looked at me naughtily and said “Ayeee now you don’t start with something I don’t know !!!!” I said “I meant, You are no less than an Angel.” Well I know that was a cringe move, but it happened lol. I did not even realize when I dozed off. Suddenly the bus came to a sharp halt and I woke up. The Driver sidekick shouted “Les Cayes !!!” I just giggled and thought to myself, no matter wherever you go, the bus conductor has the same style of notify the last stop. We got down the taptap and I saw the watch. It 4:12 PM. I was quite exhausted. Darline told me to wait 2 mins and she went ahead to call a cab. When returned, she said “Its 10 Kms from here so I called this cab.” I smiled back and sat inside the car. Finally we reached her house. As soon as I got down the car, I saw a huge crowd of people coming towards me. Her family was really big and bigger was her house. Many of them in her family knew english well, except the old ones, who communicated in creole. First she introduced me to her family and vice-versa. They all were very sweet and very kind hearted. They all welcomed me with love.

I came home, they guided me to a guest room and asked me to join for dinner at 8:00 PM. I politely agreed. Once I entered the room, freshened up, puffed a cigarette just to relax after a tiring day. They had a slanting laidback chair in the room. I sat on the chair and dozed off again. Not to mention I was really tired. Woke up to a door bang at 7:20 PM. I came out and there was the whole family gathered at the dining area waiting for me. They all wanted to talk to me. There were a total of 17 people living in that one house including Darline. Uncle Harold and Aunty Phara were the sweetest. They offered me the first morsel of the dinner as an honor for guest.

The dinner menu was :-

Diri Kole, Chicken version of Griyo (Traditionally its pork), Sos Pwa Nwa and Doumbrey followed with a can of pour couronne fruit Champagne

The dinner was so good that I almost overate. Also the haitian hospitality is a different level. Everything felt so much like home except the language barrier. Darline took me for a walk across the street after dinner. Les Cayes or Aux Cayes as they call it phonetically, is a seaport in the Les Cayes Arrondissement of Haiti. The houses are beautiful and reminded me of townside houses. She took me to the Cathedral at the center of the city. It was decorated with lightings,Carifesta was nearing and the whole country was preparing for the fun and frolics. I was admiring the calm and peace of the place while we were still walking. Darline was walking on my left towards the sidewalk and I was walking on the side of the road. I always have this habit of having the ladies to walk on the sideways while walking along the roads, may that be a walk with My mom or sister or any girl I know. Darline was looking into my eyes from the side as I was talking with excitement. She slowly held my left palm and intertwined her fingers with mine while I held the grip tight, but acted busy talking. There was a small alleyway with a broken flickering street light. She pushed me on the wall and locked me in a position I can’t escape out of and then she slowly started leaning towards me to give me a kiss out of nowhere. I was way much relaxed and slowly reciprocated to her advances. It was almost 2 minutes to 10:00 PM and suddenly it felt like the time was slowing down. Our eyes closed and palpitations increasing gradually, our slightly wet lips complimented, tasting each other. The time stopped and our kiss began with a slight taste touch and almost continued to gorge on each other, hungry not to stop at any cost. Now you might have this question that what was I thinking at that point. That’s right, I wasn’t thinking at all. First of all her beauty had discreetly mesmerized me earlier and now not to mention she advanced, which made it very unreasonable for me to deny. I really don’t know how long it lasted accurately, but I can say I wish it lasted until eternity. Our lips slowly started detaching and the time started ticking again. She looked into my eyes with that magnetic romantic voodoo gaze (Just a healthy rhetoric metonymy.) We kept on staring at each other for a minute and I really don’t know what happened to me, I hugged her and let her head lie on my chest. Then we saw the time it was already 10:07 and we decided to walk back home. We both were silent throughout. I freshened up and on my way to guest room, I came across Darline. I wished her Good night. She smiled and placed a small piece of paper inside my shirt pocket, which read “mwen panse, mwen renmen ou.” in Creole. I asked her what is written. She smiled and went.I kept it in my pocket and went to bed for a good night sleep.

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