The Final glimpse of my angel for the year !

Lockdown 2nd wave in India has aggravated. Most of the IT guys are working from home and so am I. So its exactly evening 6:12 and I just finished with my last call for the day. I live on the 3rd floor and the view from my bedroom pans to the Garden area with lots of trees. My mind was empty and I was simply staring outside. I saw a couple standing behind one of the tree. They were not doing anything inappropriate. Decent kids from well-to-do homes, who just wanted to spend some good time in each other’s company. The girl was white and quite slim wearing a decent pink top and jeans, hair single braided like a geek, wearing mask. The guy was slightly chubby and around my height, wheatish complexion. They were sitting on the edge of the sidewalk next to each other, talking for a long time. The guy was trying to teach her some acupressure to get rid of neck pain and the girl was innocently tring to repeat every pressure points He was self-demonstrating. I kept on looking at these two for a really long time and suddenly I had to take off my glasses. Tears were flowing out of my eyes and nose was slightly running. My heart was full. Seemed like I opened a pandora box of memory out of nowhere.

Back in June 28 2008, my Kabbi had just landed Mumbai for her vacations. It was a few months since I had proposed her on call and it was the first time I was about to meet her face to face. We were meeting in a mall the next day. I was all excited and hardly was able to sleep the other night. Finally 6:12 AM the alarm rang and I woke up with one of the widest smile my facial muscles could ever give. Took bath, prayed and started getting dressed. Although I wasn’t a handsome hunk or a stud by personality, I was chubby and cute looking. (Now I’ve lost even that, now I am so ugly looking that women call me bro or bhai. hahahahaha ) I asked my father “Daddy give me 250 rupees, I have a workshop to attend” My father got angry as usual but eventually gave me the amount. I took my nokia 3310 and messaged “Kabbi, I am just about to leave ! I am very excited.” in 2 mins I got the response “Me to, see you in 20 mins at the Mall.” My house is 15 mins from the Mall and the uncle’s house, whom she had come to visit, was 20 mins. Finally I left out of the home at 11:30 AM all dressed and smart looking, caught an autorickshaw and finally reached the mall. Inside the mall there is a food court area, where I was sitting on the chair quite alone listening to the playlist songs on my iPod (which my lovely sister gifted to me from USA), since the Mall opened at 11:00 AM and it was a weekday so there was less crowd. Apparently I had bunked, Integrated Digital Electronics, one of my favourite subject lecture. Love has a special power and it is true. Somehow I started feeling that she is getting closer to me though I did now know from which direction she would come, plus she said, she would be late by 10 minutes, so I waited. From far ahead, a small girl in a dark blue kurta was walking towards me with a sweet smile. How to describe her a 5’5 tall, slim, white, beautiful, simple girl with beautiful eyes looking at me. I almost cried at that moment. I never thought I deserved such an angel in my life. Then for the first time I saw her voice, yes I literally saw her speak in front of me, since these many months I had just heard her voice on the phone. The very first thing that came on my head was to worship her beauty. She was so pretty that I could cuddle out of love with her without any inappropriate intentions. The first sentence i heard her say with those beautiful eyes looking at me with happiness was “Hi Kicha”. She was in Mumbai for a week and I always felt a part of my happiness in the close proximity to me until the very next week she was leaving Mumbai. She caught a bus with her family, back to her town. The bus would pass by my house and so I was constantly on call with her knowing the status of where her bus was. Eventually her bus was just about to pass my locality and I ran towards the signal hoping for the red light to hit when her bus comes. I was standing at the divider waiting. The bus arrived and halted at red light. i went close to her seat area and extended my arms up. She lowered and we shook hands secretly. I looked into her eyes. She was leaving Mumbai and taking away my smile with her. That was the Final glimpse of my angel for the year !

I still miss my kabbi decades after we have seperated.

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