Being old school is a pride.

Technology has killed the Happiness and peace over years.
Back then family outings were twice or thrice a year event and not like how they do it these days.
Everyone had loads of memories in their hearts to make, instead of Instagram stories.
Trains and buses were preferred transport mediums over plane.
No mobile phones, therefore native games like cards , ludo , snake and ladder , cricket , carom were played.
Kids were always out during vacations.
When the ball falls in gutter, pick it up with bare hands and bounce it thrice on a wall and its good to play again, that was the immunity.
Home food was the most preferred one.
Restaurants were an elite option like once in two months or so.
Almost every south Indian family had a protocol, boy must learn Carnatic music and girl must learn Bharatnatyam.
Love and feelings had a meaning and respect to it.
Family was everything for the people, unlike these days how they get married and get settled abroad with their spouses in a nuclear family.
I’ve seen parents dying, waiting to see a glimpse of their kids, for whom they dedicated their life.
Old age homes are full.
This generation, nobody is satisfied with what they have.
Everyone wants more and more and more.
You neighbor earning 20 bucks more than you, jealousy.
Your friend is slightly more successful than you, jealousy. Not to mention Love is dead and sex is the new status in the society today. People love with conditions.
Irony is, everyone wants to acquire and enjoy everything, without knowing or doing anything.
Read four verses from the Holy Bible, and they consider themselves as some Arch Bishop.
Like “I am standing next to Eiffel tower. I don’t give a fuck why it was built or who built. I need to show a proof in my Instagram and Facebook that I have achieved going to France.”
I asked a person who returned from France after two years. “Do you know something about Foie gras”. That person said “Yes it’s an herb u get only in France .” That’s exactly what the Caucasians answer when they are asked “Do you know about Taj hotel in Mumbai ?” “Yeah the one made by the guy who made Taj Mahal”.

In such a society inspired by modernization, I feel being old school keeping family values and virtues intact is much much better and a matter of pride for me.

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