Don’t know why ….. but I liked it !

As usual I was so much drowned into my thoughts in my own personal “Dojo” of enhancement and enlightenment, I happened to catch up with an inadvertent forty wink. As my eyes were closing, the sleep was setting in and I was in a state where I knew I am awake, yet asleep. I was in a room with 3 supposedly stranger women. Two of them were looking outside the window and one of them was sitting on the chair, weeping with heads down. I was not aware on how to react to this. The whole atmosphere was elusive and complex. I went closer to the weeping woman and tapped on her shoulder. Without even looking into my face she immediately hugged me around my waist as she continued crying. There was a rhythmic vibration passing through my body as she cried. Without giving a second thought I started caressing my palm over her head. I somehow felt the need of absorbing some of her negativity and pain, thereby emptying her. I kept caressing her for a few minutes and she stopped weeping. She looked into my eyes and to my surprise it was none other than an old colleague of mine. We studied in the same class yet never spoke to each other. She looked as if she was already expecting me, but for me it was a complete surprise. We did not speak a word, she stood and once again hugged me. I was befuddled on how to react to this affection. But somehow I felt positive vibes and my inner consciousness transformed me as an empath. Love ,as an emotion, was already a long dead fossil remain for me. But this felt different. It felt like a plumule shooting up. I just realized that she planted a seed of love in the badlands of my heart and it slowly started its journey to meadows. There was a plethora of feelings going through me at that moment as time seemed to have stopped. Her warmth was slowly healing every intense wound I had been through. My eyes were loaded like a cracked flooded dam, just about to burst with emotions. She looked into my eyes and said “Where have you been for so long ? I need your presence, your love, your warmth, your company. I need you !!” I was at loss of my words to even respond. That moment was everything I ever wanted in my whole life. Someone to love me unconditionally. I wanted to respond with “I want you in my arms forever, please don’t leave me”, but somehow my medulla oblongata was passing a signal that I am in a partial sleep and in seconds *swoooosh* ……. I woke up. It was an ambiguous yet a lucid episode of pure euphoria.Don’t know why ….. but I liked it !

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