Crustaceans and people

If you put a dozen crabs in a bowl, and one tries to escape the bowl, the rest of others tries and pulls it down. This is called “Crab Mentality.” or “If I can’t, you can’t too”. But crabs don’t naturally occur in bowls, They were put there, in an unnatural state by someone with more power, control and privilege. That is what happens, when people in power force less fortunate ones to scramble for their life. Co-operation and kindness becomes a luxury, affordable to those better off and then the poor and marginalized are labelled as villains.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but pays bills. Power doesn’t buy kindness, but being in power makes it easier to be kind. Privilege doesn’t buy peace, but being privileged protects from a lot of other discomforts. Please keep it in mind when judging someone who might already be suffering.They are NOT in their natural state. Trenches don’t’ show you true character. They show your character in extremes. No one should have to prove their worth when in extremes. Its not their nature because its not natural.

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