Break the 14 stereotypes – 1

Good Morning and a very happy Diwali to all my readers. Society always sets some stereotypes for men, women and transgenders. People are judged based on such stereotypes. So what if you don’t follow those stereotypes ?? I just penned down a representation indifferent of genders.

  1. If your woman doesn’t know how to cook, it’s totally fine. My mom has taught me “A man is complete only if he knows how to cook.” So learn cooking from your mom cuz its an important part of your life, just like mothers.
  2. If your man doesn’t know how to drive a car, it’s totally normal. It’s not mandatory that driving a vehicle should be a benchmark for a person’s capability. We have OLAs and Ubers or even taxis and Rickshaws. Some family will benefit from your money.
  3. Being a man, if you feel physical pain and show it, it’s totally fine. Men and women are made of the same neurological anatomy. We all have the same receptors. Hiding the pain doesn’t make you great or showing it doesn’t make you any less greater.
  4. If your man is emotional in nature, it’s totally okay. We all have emotions and its healthy to project it.
  5. If your woman earns more than you, it’s totally fine. Be proud of her and encourage her, as far as she respects and loves you equally and doesn’t consider you a trophy partner and use you.
  6. If your woman goes through of those tantrums during her menstrual cycle, bear with her. Hormonal changes causes mood swings and its normal. Cooperate with her.
  7. If your partner has a phobia or is uncomfortable with something, make them feel comfortable in their own bubble space, instead of comparing yourself with them. Everyone are not brought up in the same way.
  8. As a man or a woman, learn to accept each other slowly while being comfortable being yourself. Take ample time, maybe a couple of years to understand each other.
  9. If you are a transgender and are insulted by people, don’t take it. The one who is insulting is the one who needs a better upbringing. Remember you are a beautiful creation of God and you are one in a million beautiful soul. Try and find people that think like normal humans and be friends with them. There are more normal people in this world trust me.
  10. It’s okay to be an introvert. If society doesn’t accept you, chuck the society. There are more than 25-40% of people in this world, who are introverts in some or the other way. You are not alone.
  11. Always learn to appreciate someone for their work. Remember you are not a champion of all. I am sure there are a 100 things you cannot do and they can do it and maybe after some extra effort, they become much better at things you are a champion. Never underestimate any individual in life.
  12. While choosing a partner only look for 4 basic qualities (Honest with serious things in life ?, Good at heart ?, lifestyle matches ?, Common future dreams ?), the rest will ultimately fall at place.
  13. It’s totally okay if you are not doing your best in career, heath, lifestyle or love, compared to people you know. Everyday is not a sunday. Everyone has to go through suffering and glory. Its their glory today. Let them bask, be happy for their good time. Tomorrow your glory will come too. Jealousy and competition is going to take you nowhere.
  14. Get yourself out of political and religious debates. Highly toxic and sensitive.

Break the stereotype. Its okay if you are not like others.

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