Anecdotes of blase loners – Angkor Wat Main Temple

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

So Chankrisna arrived almost exactly at 8:30 AM in his Lexus rx300 to pick us up and finally we got inside the car and went off. My sweetheart was very excited for this visit. It was a 10 mins drive to the temple. Riya tugged me so tight in excitement. I was equally happy and affectionately kissed her forehead. Chankrsna, who was watching all this while driving, asked us “So when did you two get married ?” Me and Riya were slightly shy at that moment. I replied “8 days back we met for the first time and we are emotionally bonded since then. Officially yet to be married.” Chankrsna said “You two look a very beautiful couple. God bless you two.” Our car finally reached the temple entrance near the rainbow bridge. Me and Riyu got down Chankrisna told us to wait until he parks his car at a location to join us. We both could see the temple entrance from a distance. The first view was mesmerizing. I really felt like I don’t belong to this planet. It was such a different place. There was a positive aura even in its vicinity. It reminded me of the Kingdom in the present time I had seen in the game “Prince of Persia – Warriors Within.” Riya was spellbound at the beauty of the vicinity. There was some forestation ahead after the bridge, before we could reach the temple. So it was a decent amount of walk for us. Finally Chankrsna got a parking spot and he joined us. We started walking. Chankrsna started explaining about the bridge. We paused at the entrance of the bridge. I asked Chankrsna, whether I could use drones or not. He said yes, but there was a restriction to the fly zones and altitude. I quickly took out the drone and tablet (for maneuvering). I set the altitude and inclusion zone for flight, activated the auto focus camera mode and started flying it at an altitude of 10 meters from our height and set it to follow us. We started walking and Chankrsna was so much involved in explaining the history of the Khmer Kingdom and the great Emperor Suryavarman 2. Riyu was quietly listening to Him. My concentration was on the tablet to view the drone captures. We crossed the bridge and finally reached the entrance. There was a seven headed Serpent carved in stone, guarding the Temple. I Got my DSLR from the backpack. Me and Riya got our pics clicked. It felt like a candid pre-wedding photography was all set and planned on its own. There were three main entrances for the Temple and one secret entrance, which was not known to many. The three main entrances signified “Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva”. We entered from the entrance that signified Vishnu. I had to pack my drone back inside the bag since using drone was not allowed inside the temple. So I took out my GoPro Hero 7 and attached it to my headgear accessory, so I could capture everything I see. I connected the GoPro with my tablet, so I can control what and when to capture, Video or picture.

After getting inside the Gate, We(Me & Riyu) realized that the temple is still further. There was serpent rails even inside the Temple area. There was a warning sign of not to touch the Serpent rails everywhere. Chankrsna was explaining how Emperor Suryavarman 2 built this entire City and how his Grandson Emperor Jayavarman introduced Buddhism to Khmer dynasty. Riyu was noting down everything on her phone like a studious girl. She looked so damn cute in glasses, that I just wanted to give a cute little bite on her cheeks. I asked Chankrsna “Whom do you pray ? ” He replied “I am a Buddhist, highly influenced from Sanatana Dharma.” Soon we were pretty close to the temple. Many more visitors joined us and Chankrsna started explaining the Temple history to all the people who joined us. There was an elevation made of stone with 20 steps and four Lions majestically Guarding them. We walked further, then Chankrsna asked us to take a left detour as the main entrance was closed for repair works. I could see the scaffolding at the entrance. Soon a crowd gathered and Chankrsna started explaining Hindu mythology to the tourists. Most of them were Americans, Europeans and Russians. We came across an Indian aunty, who had taken a solo trip to explore the temple. We formally introduced each other. Riyu asked her name. To my surprise she answered “Krishnapriya.” Riyu looked at me with wide eyes and mouth open. She was astonished and thrilled. But there was hardly any time to react since Chankrsna was busy with the tourist and we all were blindly following him (as a normal tourist would do with a guide.)

Riyu got very busy in conversation with the aunty and I wanted to pee badly. Chankrsna was too busy to even see. I told Riyu that I wanted to pee. She suggested me to ask someone and go and come. I told her to hold my tablet, since there was limited network inside the temple, the only way we could locate was through the ad hoc Bluetooth devices i had carried with me. I gave one device to Riyu and kept one with me. I told her the device will beep 10 times If I go off its range of 1.2 kms, and if I am lost within the range, I would buzz twice and wait there so she could see the coordinates on the offline map of the temple and track me down or else I would buzz once in response if everything is okay. She agreed and continued conversing with Aunty. I asked a local for the loo. He directed me to the right side of the temple towards the Brahma Gate, much further from the main temple area. It seems there was a makeshift loo there. I kept on walking for 7 mins and finally I spotted the loo from a distance. I ran towards the loo and luckily nobody was in. I quickly went inside and got relieved. I washed my hands and legs and sanitized both hands and legs. There were no beeps on the device and I was happy that I was within the limits of the range. I started walking towards the Temple area, where Riyu was waiting for me. It was a strong summer noon and the Sky was blue and clear. The sun was almost hitting my head. Suddenly I saw a shadow of a bird in the sky. I quickly turned my head up and there He was circling me at the exact spot where I was standing. It was the same Brahman Kite. I involuntarily kept staring at the Kite and suddenly everything turned Dark, with only the Kite illuminating the Sky. The kite kept on flying towards the north and I blindly kept on following His path. Everything was dark. This kept on going for like 10 mins and the Kite descended at an entrance. When the Kite descended, I could see its actual size was even bigger than a full grown Human with around 8 feet. The Kite opened its wings wide and vanished in the thin air, but apparently left a small scroll like object at the exact place where it vanished. The scroll was illuminated and it had a shining beautiful peacock feather inside. I opened the scroll and there was a something written in Sanskrit.

मनन्तबाहुं शशिसूर्यनेत्रम् |
पश्यामि त्वां दीप्तहुताशवक्त्रं-
स्वतेजसा विश्वमिदं तपन्तम् ||

anādi-madhya-antam—without beginning, middle, or end; ananta—infinite; vīryam—power; ananta—unlimited; bāhum—arms; śhaśhi—the moon; sūrya—the sun; netram—eyes; paśhyāmi—I see; tvām—you; dīpta—blazing; hutāśha—emanating from; vaktram—your mouth; sva-tejasā—by your radiance; viśhwam—universe; idam—this; tapantam—warming

After carefully reading I realized, it was a Shloka from the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 11, Verse 19). I was confused to my core and the peacock feather was shining brighter. Suddenly I heard a beep and woke up. Somehow I found myself close to the Brahma side of the temple, there was no scroll, no feather and no bird above the sky. My GPS device was beeping. I signaled it back with a single beep. She confirmed and then my device traced me through the spot where they were waiting for me. Finally I reached the spot. Riyu came running to me and hugged me tight. She was like “Where were you kicha….. ? I got so worried. I waited here for 20 mins.” I was like “The loo was a little far and I had more pressure so it took time to freshen.” She was like “Now don’t leave my side Krishnaaa I am telling you. If you wanna pee, I will come along.” I was like “Sorry dear, I wont repeat this.” and I kissed her forehead. Krishnapriya aunty left with her group of tourists and we both started moving towards the inner side of the temple. There was a place where there were beautiful carvings depicting the Emperor Suryavarman 2’s Army. We had already lost Chankrsna and we both were on our own. Every wall on the temple had a story to depict. There was a Hell and Heaven Gallery on the south side of the temple wall, which depicted 7 Heaven above earth and 7 hell below earth. The center of the temple had an ornate design on the domes. There was a section covering Lord Vishnu’s all Avatars and Him conquering the demons. I was almost teary eyed looking at these carvings. Riyu was excited and her eyes were wide open. Then came an area in south east of the temple depicting the “Samudra manthan”. We were bewildered. It was already 2:00 PM and luckily we found Chankrsna there with other tourists. I asked him to meet us at the gate in 30 mins. We were just about to leave the temple, when I saw something written in Khmer on the wall.

អ្នកគឺជាអ្នកដោយគ្មានការចាប់ផ្តើមកណ្តាលឬបញ្ចប់; អំណាចរបស់អ្នកគឺគ្មានដែនកំណត់។ ដៃរបស់អ្នកគ្មានព្រំដែនកំណត់ទេ។ ព្រះអាទិត្យនិងព្រះច័ន្ទគឺដូចជាភ្នែករបស់អ្នកហើយភ្លើងគឺដូចជាមាត់របស់អ្នក។ ខ្ញុំឃើញអ្នកកម្តៅការបង្កើតទាំងមូលដោយកាំរស្មីរបស់អ្នក។

I quickly took a picture of the text with my DSLR as well as GoPro. We both then walked towards the exit through the same place from where we entered. We took a new gate to exit “The Shiva” Gate. As we walked, I thought of discussing the incident with Riyu, but then I thought, why to spoil her mood for absolute no reason. So decided to keep it within myself. We kept on walking and finally reached the exit of the gate. We took tons of pics and captured loads of video on my GoPro, which was almost running out of battery. I quickly packed the GoPro inside the backpack and just kept the DSLR and phone with me. We waited for 10 mins and finally Chankrsna joined us. We 3 crossed the rainbow bridge and headed towards the car for a lunch. Before sitting inside the Car, for the last time I looked towards the temple.I saw the sky above the place where I went alone was dark and it was lightening there. I asked Chankrsna why is it lightning there ? He said “That’s a place cannot be explained. People hardly go to that side of the temple. Local legends say that it have a very powerful Aura and many people cannot take that aura, hence they have decided to showcase that place to the people as an ordinary one. The rains and thunders are something many cannot see. Since you can see it, you have a really strong vibe.” Riya asked me “Kichaa…. did you see something there, If i am not mistaken that is the proximity where you went to pee.” I was like “No nothing like that dear.” We got inside the car. Chankrsna was so happy with us that he decided to surprise us with a lunch at his home. He told us “I’ll take you to a place which is closest to my heart and somewhere you can eat simple homely food. I hope you won’t mind visiting our home for lunch. ” Me and Riyu were so obliged by his rich hospitality and welcoming heart. Without a second thought we said “Yes we would be so happy to eat at you home.” Chankrsna’s house was 12 Kms from the temple and 8 kms from our resort, which was on the way. I told Chankrsna to drop us at our room briefly so I could keep my drone and other heavy accessories in the room and just carry the DSLR. We reached the resort. Riyu and Chankrsna waited and I went to the room, kept my devices and took out something from my luggage bag. We then left for his house. Siem Reap was such a beautiful place. People were nice, polite and pretty. Finally we reached his home at 3:00PM. It was a very small hut kind of house made of clay, hay and bricks. His mother, wife and a 2 year old son lived along with him. They all welcomed us with happiness. Riyu started playing with the baby boy and started helping his wife. I just loved this thing about Riya. She blends in with wonderful people and not based on status. She is so much like me. Me and Chankrsna started setting up the room. It was fun working together. Finally lunch was served there was rice and chicken curry with some nice sweet balls made of rice as a dessert. The food was so content and tasty as it was cooked with heart. His family hardly understood English, but understood our gestures. Before leaving I took my purse and I told him “Since you are like a brother for both of us, its our happiness to give you a good omen to our newly found nephew sweet lil baby boy.” We both gave a nice amount as a part of shagun and put a tiny piece of sugar in the baby’s mouth. They were touched by our gesture. Chankrsna was almost teary eyed. I hugged and told him to tell his entire family that I would arrange tickets and accomodation for all for our wedding in India. Finally Chankrsna dropped us off at our resort and told us to get ready same time tomorrow for Angkor Thom Temple. We hit our rooms and immediately I kept my devices for charge. I quickly took the memory card from GoPro and Drone and kept the data to copy in my Hard disk. Then we got fresh and laid on the bed with AC on. it was 4:30 PM already. We thoroughly enjoyed our day. I copied the GoPro videos to cellphone and we both were watching our video captures while laying on the bed fully cuddled. She kissed me and said “I got totally scared today when you went.” I then thought of checking the GoPro if something was captured or not. I started playing the 2 hour video and scrolled the video to the part where I started returning after loo. Suddenly to our shock…. The cam dropped and there was a blackout and there were 8 numbers written 11171119 and the camera went into a glitch mode. then finally after exactly 17 minutes Camera started functioning and it started facing normal (as if it was mounted on my forehead.) Riya realized I was hiding something. Then I finally told her. She started crying and said “Why didn’t you tell me before ?” I made up “I did not want to in front of Chankrsna and aunty so I thought of telling you after we reach our room.” She said “We have to decode this 11171119.” I kissed her and we made out. We decided to stay & rest in our room for the rest of the night, getting prepared for what Angkor Thom has in store for us.

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