Anecdotes of blase loners – Ethereal propensity of soulful bond.

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

It was around 15:30 and scorching hot afternoon outside. As me and Riyu were in our room, discussing my dream sequences and co-incidences, my eyes suddenly went on the corner of the window where the curtain was slightly open. On the other side of the glass there was an eye, staring at us stealthily. I slowly started moving towards the corner of the window. As I reached pretty close, I saw the bird was fluttering its huge wings and flew towards the sky. It seemed like an eagle. The bird had followed me and I was really astonished. I was clueless what to do next and how to even react. Riyu understood the dilemma from my face. She gave me a hug from behind and told me “Kicha, This is not just your problem now, It’s ours.” I held her palms and kissed them. Then I connected my phone to the Bluetooth speakers and tuned into “Sky Kisses Earth – Prem Joshua” music. We were getting the cosmic vibes already from the music and aroma from us and the room. We both sat on the bed, closed our eyes and went into a meditation state. I was trying to recollect all the series of events I had seen. It was a total blackout and I gave up in a few minutes. I opened my eyes, everything looked faded, I turned back to look at Riyu, She was meditating and illuminating a bright blue color. I rubbed my eyes and everything started looking normal and Riyu was browsing through her phone. Was I hallucinating ? I saw the clock to check the time. It was 18:00 already. I was in total confusion. How did time fly so fast ? Now it was 15:30 and now its 2.5 hours past already. I asked Riya “Aye Riyupiyu, What was I doing all this while ?” she replied “You were meditating after seeing the bird then you slept and I started browsing on Social Media. What happened dear ? How did you end up sleeping ?” I was like “I don’t really know anything.”

We both got fresh and got dressed for the evening stroll. We roamed throughout the Siem Reap Night Market. We both shopped for some ethnic wears. Riyu got a “Sompot chong kben” for me and a Silk shirt, meanwhile I got her another silk “chong and sbai” We were planning to have a photo shoot on the next day and decided to wear these traditional attires. We did some window shopping and it was already 8. Then we decided to eat some tasty street food. We first decided to have the Cambodian version of the burger “Num Pang” It had chicken, onion and chives with some authentic herbs. Then there was another stall selling deep fried bread and shrimp cakes. There was some place to sit there, so me and Riyu sat and started eating. Riyu was truly enjoying the food experience. I kept staring at her eyes while she was talking about the different foods she has read about.That innocent face while explaining things with excitement really made me feel cute and lovely. She suddenly paused and asked “Kya hua kicha, kaha kho gae ho….” I was like “Riya” *brief pause* “Bas is tarah tumhe dekhte rehna hai …….. 7 din mein dil ke itne gehraiyon mein bas gae ho tum.” *brief pause* ” You have taught me that love can happen even after losing hopes after so many times.” She said “Kicha, I want to be a part of your family and make you a part of mine.” I said “When you fall in love generally, people get insecure of losing the person. But with you I don’t feel that, I know for some reason even if we are not together, our souls are entangled within each other.” With bread in her mouth and while eating she was like “Kicha eat fast, we have more to explore.” I chuckled softly and kissed her forehead. The shopkeeper smiled at us and acknowledged our public display of affection positively. We payed and left for other stalls. Finally we had a black coffee. Our room was 2.2 kms from the market. So we decided to have a romantic walk all the way. I pictured her and started singing with all my heart. “zehnaseeb….. zehnaseeb….. tujhe chahun betahasha zehnaseeb….. “. She looked into my eyes while I was singing and wrapped around both her hands onto my arms and leaned her head on my arms. I kept on singing many songs on the way. She silently listened to me. Just before we reached our room, she stopped and pulled my head down (she is 5.6ft and I am 6 ft ) and pecked a kiss on my cheeks. I realized one thing, When you have someone to shower so much love, you automatically give a lot from your heart. We came back to our room. I quickly kept my Go-pro, phone and DSLR and Drone batteries for charge, kept my clothes and backpack ready. I was all pumped up for the next day. I completely forgot the dream sequences & hallucinations.

We both just crashed on the bed, turned off the light. We both were not sleepy, so we decided to keep looking into each other’s eyes. I took my phone and played “Woven Song – Olafur Arnalds”. We both were so much connected to each other’s soul that we could just keep looking into each other’s eyes and not stop. Tears started randomly rolling down my cheeks followed by her cheeks. I could see the whole cosmos in her eyes. I told her “After a really long spree of emptiness, it just took 7 days for you to fill my life. Indeed Like how i said a couple of days back, Love is an understatement for what I feel towards you.” She replied “Materials and abstract words are way behind our soul connection. ” I hugged her tight and said “I have developed an ethereal propensity of soulful bond with you.” She smiled and acknowledged. Then I said “I want to know the reason why i got these hallucinations throughout the day and I want to know it with you.” She bit my cheeks with the teeth and gave me a hickey and she said “Stop thinking my dear watermelon sugar heheheheheh” I was like “watermelon sugar?? seriously ?? I aint Harry Styles.” We both had a good laugh and slept. Waking up at 7:00 AM in the morning, we both, highly excited for the new day new excursion. I called Krsna, our guide and confirmed. We freshened up, got dressed and off we left for the breakfast. We had 2 boiled eggs, toast and Ham and we were all ready with our cameras, accessories and drone. Krsna arrived our resort in his car and we left for our first destination, “Angkor Wat Main Temple”… Stay Tuned

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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