My caramel-cream fondue sweetheart.

Beautiful stunning eyes, a small bindi between the eyebrows in the temple region of forehead.
Eyes have a thin line of kajal, perfectly lined.
Hair on the sides of the forehead looks like an elite curtain curves on the corners.
Nose like a beautiful piece of puzzle placed to achieve perfection.
Lips are so pretty that the lip tips form a triangular line with the tip of nostrils on both sides.
Eyes are so mesmerizing that, you hallucinate moving towards her.
Strands of hair softly touching her cheeks looks like lightly toasted marshmallow.
And a small birthmark on the right side of her upper lip to enhance the beauty.
Yes I sound less poetic and more like a sketch artist,
Because your face is sketched inside my brains with a strong imprint.
As I am supposedly a man of steel, I really don’t want to fall in Love.
But then your mellow smile, holy shit I blew it.
You are my inspiration to write blogs and quotes.
Ironically, we are strangers and maybe will remain strangers forever.
But that’s not my point.
If at all our paths cross in life, I won’t struggle for your love.
I would simply make you read this post, which I completely dedicate for one pic of yours.
Am I already tripping, cuz I can hear you giggle.
Dont really know what pieces of sound is my brain trying to map with your face.
It maybe a complete mismatch if I hear you for real, but again that’s not my point.
If you be my Riya, I’ll be your Krishna (Characters from Anecdotes from Blase Loners).
Forget beauty, forget habits, my spiritual frequencies are trying to connect with your cosmic aura.
“I love you” is a euphemism to the jitters I feel, when I see your picture.
The most beautiful part of my feelings is lack of lust and I am somehow enjoying it.
You are my strawberry dipped in caramel cream fondue sweetheart.

Hari Iyer

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