Subtle Sacrifices

True Love ! How do I even begin ?

Something which is losing its value and meaning day by day. Some fight with the world to prove the tensile strength of the bond whereas some fight with their own egos to keep the bond strong. Love is very easy to show, very difficult to maintain.

There is a very beautiful illustration of “True Love”. It goes like follows

There was a guy in Mumbai and a girl in Goa. They never knew each other. One day they randomly met in a social networking site and became friends. Every day 6:00 PM the guy logged into his computer and started waiting for her and when he saw green dot on her name his heart skipped a beat. Then they chatted until it was 9:00 PM, when she had to leave for dinner and studies. This continued for a few months and she shared her number with him. Then came the night before the day when He was about to hear her voice for the first time ever. That night He slept at 4:00 and kept looking at the clock every 10 mins as he couldn’t keep his excitement. Finally next day He woke up and got ready to leave for college. She had asked him to call her at 1:00 PM afternoon. He wished her Good morning on SMS and his hands were sweaty and vibrating out of excitement. Then at 12:45 He reached home went down behind his building he was crying out of excitement. 1:00 PM he was shivering and He called her. The phone rang for a few extra seconds and then it was picked up at the other end. there was a brief silence and He decided to say Hello first and he said “Hello ?”…. there came a reply “Hello “…. that was the sweetest thing that ever hit his eardrums in 18 years of his life, He simply forgot his existence and was carried away into the aura of happiness. They spoke to each other for hours. The carried on for a year. One day it was 7:00 PM she was washing clothes in her hostel in Goa and he just came home from his extra classes in Mumbai. Don’t really know what happened to him that day, He called her and told her “I Love You”……. There was a brief silence and she was speechless. There were days when He had fasted for her good results. There were days when He did not even celebrate his academic excellencies, as she wasn’t doing good. Every year, He patiently waited for July when He could finally see her face to face during her birthday. They only met once or twice in a year. As their relation blossomed, he started getting more possessive and was not willing to lose her at any cost. But then destiny played its part and she left him when he was in the middle of unemployment, cash crunch and deprived of love. 12 years later a drop of tear falls of as he narrates this, the whole flashback plays like a power-point presentation in front of his eyes. He still misses her and wishes her all the happiness in life.

That’s true love. These are some subtle sacrifices.

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