Anecdotes of blase loners – Seraphic Hallucinations.

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

7:00 AM and the alarm rings loud. I slightly opened my eyes and riyu was already awake and was looking for something in her bag. I wished her good morning. She looked at me, smiled and wished back. She was like “C’mmon get ready fast, we have to leave by 10. Chankrisna will be reaching anytime between 9:45 and 10:00.” I called her near me, held her hands, pulled her towards me, gave her a soft hug, kissed her head and said “I have a surprise for you.” She was like “What surprise kicha ?” I told her “Today we are not going for temple visits, It’s a relaxation day for you and me, I booked a personal spa and massage session for both of us followed by stroll into the Siem Reap night market and explore the food. ” Riya was like “Awesome waise bhi I was a little tired and I was about to tell you but good you changed the plan like you heard it from my heart.” I smiled back at her and said “Girl, our souls are united, so it is obvious that we are riding on the same wavelength of thoughts.” She kissed me on cheeks and said”Listen, we will do some shopping of merchandise too.” I promptly agreed. Riyu then got busy with some office work and my head was still trying to think about the dream I had last night before I slept. My memory of the dream was not strong, but I did manage to imagine the carving (ខ្លែងព្រាហ្មណ៍) I saw in my dreams and penned it down. It’s hardly been hours since We touched Cambodia and I started reading texts in Khmer. There has to be an explanation to this phenomenon. I tried to google this text on my laptop and to my shock it literally translated to Khleng Preahma which means “Brahminy Kite” I almost ran goosebumps all over my body. I was sure, there was some connection, but it was vague at that moment. I closed my laptop and left for freshening up. Me and Riyu left for the breakfast.

8:50 AM, We entered the buffet hall, there was English breakfast and Indian breakfast too, but we decided to go the traditional way. So we left the hall and headed towards the street to have some nice breakfast. First we caught a vendor selling (Kuy Teav), a noodle soup. We had a bowl of soup. It was much like thai food, Refreshing and light. We walked further, ew saw another vendor selling (Bobor Kreung), A rice porridge. They had 3 different variants of meat Chicken, Pork and Beef. We had Chicken version. We walked another 5 mns and there was a coffee shop open. So we decided to get inside the shop and drink some coffee with (Num Pang), a Cambodian sandwich. It was very tasty, a blend of different veggies with mayo and a nice aromatic hot coffee. Riyu got busy clicking pictures of everything from Coffee Shop to food. I was sitting idle gazing at the beautiful view of mountain visible from the shop. My eyes suddenly went above the sky. There were no birds flying in the sky except one big bird, that was circling our coffee shop vicinity. I called the local shop guy and asked him “What bird is that ?” He replied “It’s a Khleng Preahma Sir, the Cambodian Kite.” I was astonished, why was it flying around our shop ? Why wasn’t there any other birds in the sky ? I kept my confusion within me. We sat on the table and chatted for hours. The time was already 10:40 and we had a spa session at 11:30, So I told Riyu “Chalo lets head back and enjoy our wonderful spa session.” She was like “I am already feeling high as Bob marley, I am sure we are going to enjoy.” I smiled and said “Ofcourse, You already love the aromatic essential oils and so do I.” Riyu paid the bill and we headed towards our room which was a 15 – 20 mins walk. I held Riyu’s hand and we were walking talking about life. My eyes suddenly went towards the sky. The Kite was following us, but from a very high altitude. I prefered to keep silent and not tell anything to Riya. We reached our Resort Gate. I looked above again, this time there was nothing up there. I thought it must be a mere coincidence and we both went inside. The clock ticked 11:10 AM, we reached the spa center inside the resort premises. Riyu entered the female area and I entered the male section. The whole room was so aromatic that I was almost lost in the atmosphere. I was offered a glass of water and then i entered into the changing room where I kept my belongings in the locker and got dressed in a bathrobe. Then i was directed to a room which was open air. I waited for a while and there came a very beautiful lady, she introduced herself as my masseur. She hardly knew English. She told me to take off my robe. I was a little shy initially, as this was the only piece of cloth I had draped around me. I slightly hesitated. She laughed off and I finally took it off. I was given a towel to cover the privates. I was first lying on my belly and she started drizzling hot essential aromatic oil all over my body from the head to toe. then she started massaging me with a medium pressure. I closed my eyes and went into a state of tranquility.

I slightly opened my eyes, I was lying on the same room, where I had fallen last night. There was vegetation all over the room and it was really a very big room. I turned on the right side of the wall and I saw the same carving inscribed (ខ្លែងព្រាហ្មណ៍) illuminating in the corner with a coral blue light. I went towards the carving crawling like a newborn. I touched the illuminating stone and suddenly the lights started illuminating with more intensity. I lightly pushed the stone and suddenly the entire wall started cracking and cracks started illuminating and it felt like a powerful fusion is about to blow up the entire room. I ducked and curled myself and closed my eyes. There was a brief explosion and then complete silence. I opened my eyes and the room was the no more a room, It was ruins of a Palace Throne Hall. Everything was very bizarre for me. I stood on my feet and started looking around the huge palace. In front of the throne, there was a golden table. There was a scroll placed on top of it. I picked up the scroll and tried to see what was written in it. To my surprise, It was written in sanskrit.

किरीटिनं गदिनं चक्रिणं च
तेजोराशिं सर्वतो दीप्तिमन्तम् |
पश्यामि त्वां दुर्निरीक्ष्यं समन्ताद्
दीप्तानलार्कद्युतिमप्रमेयम् ||

kirīṭinaṁ gadinaṁ chakriṇaṁ cha
tejo-rāśhiṁ sarvato dīptimantam
paśhyāmi tvāṁ durnirīkṣhyaṁ samantād
dīptānalārka-dyutim aprameyam

I tried to read something more written in the scroll and the entire room started vibrating. The floor started cracking and there was a hug hole getting formed and the whole Palace was sinking in it. I was about to fall inside the hole and I held the pillar on the left side. I kept shouting loud “Krishna. help me ! I am sinking.” Suddenly I heard someone calling me “Sir, wake up !” When I opened my eyes, the masseur and the manager were standing looking at me. The manager told “You were not waking up so she called me to wake you up.” I was like “Oh I am so sorry, Due to a heavy Jet lag I dozed off. I am sorry.” The manager and Masseur laughed and she told me to sleep on my back. She started massaging me again with the hot oils. This time I kept myself awake. Once I was done with the Massage, I was guided to a private bath tub with warm hot water and Epsom salt. I entered the tub and started floating on it due to the salts. It was relaxing. My entire body was opening up all the tight muscles near the joints and I felt like it was healing. After a relaxing hour inside the tub. I took shower, came back to the locker and got dressed. I was sweaty and tanned. It was the best and freshest feeling I ever felt. As i exited the Men’s zone I saw Riyu was already waiting for me in the wait area. She looked fresh as Pineapple juice in Hawaii. She saw me and came to me running “Kicha, you made my day today. The best ever feeling in my life was to get a body massage. “Her masseur was an Indian lady from Kerala. She enjoyed every bit of the experience. We both went to eat lunch at the resort buffet hall. We had proper Indian lunch dal, roti, paneer makhni and rice. Post lunch, we got back to our room. We both got on the bed and in the sheets cuddling. I started sniffing her like a dog. We had a short erotic make-out session. I kissed her forehead “Look Riyu, I have something to discuss with you. I don’t know what kind of phenomenon is this, but its bizarre.” She was like “What happened dear ?” I explained my dream yesterday, the Kite today and dream sequence at spa session.

She was happy and said “Its definitely celestial dear ….. Don’t worry we will figure it out whether its real or just a random episode of confusion.” I tried to decode the sloka and so we googled it. We figured out that the sloka transcribes as “I see your form, adorned with a crown, and armed with the club and disc, shining everywhere as the abode of splendor. It is hard to look upon you in the blazing fire of your effulgence, which is radiating like the sun in all directions.” It was a sloka from Srimad Bhagavad Gita ‘Chapter 11, verse 17’. Now this was further mysterious to me. I tried to connect the dots Guruvayur -> Angkor Wat -> Peacock feather -> Brahminy Kite -> Bhagavad Gita Sloka. It felt like some kind of Delphic, seraphic hallucination leading me to a goal.

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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