What’s your temperament ?

Good morning my wonderful readers, Its been a while since I posted on a specific topic. So I rubbed my head with my palm to get the genie of my thoughts out. Just kidding, I ain’t this dramatic. I have a mirror placed exactly opposite to the chair, from where I work in these lock down mornings. Unfortunately I am highly sleep deprived today, as I accidentally woke up at 6:00 AM. (Which is very unusual for me, as I am a 3 AM Nyctophilic.) I looked at my face in the mirror. It looks like a switched off bulb, no glow absolutely. Dark circles all around the eyes. I look like a flower pot with a single flower almost isolated and dried up since days. I thought for myself ‘What is possibly, my mental quirk ?’ You can categorize cognitive quirks into 4 major types.

  1. Sanguine
  2. Choleric
  3. Phlegmatic
  4. Melancholic

Sanguine ones are one of the most optimistic. Their strengths include being highly sociable, charismatic, outgoing, confident, warm hearted, pleasant, lively, fun loving, spontaneous. They have the ability to vanish dullness even with their mere presence. They apologize quickly and can make friends easily. Just like having strengths, they have their own set of weaknesses like being impulsive, chronically late, shameless, forgetful, compulsive talker, too loud, distractible, self-absorbed, exaggerators. They are not willing to do tasks that are boring and often appears unauthentic.

Then comes Choleric, They are highly dominating ones. Their strengths include being ambitious, passionate, leadership, focused, practical, efficient, good at planning, good at problem solving, confident, motivators. Usually they are right and they are great at emergency situations. But their weaknesses include being aggressive, dominating, inflexible, impatient, rude , argumentative, unable to relax, uncomfortable around emotions, low on empathy, discouraged by failures, too busy for people, intolerant and a leader who demands loyalty.

Then comes the Phlegmatics, They are usually the calm ones. Their strengths include being relaxed, content with themselves, kind, consistent, steady and a faithful friend, accepting, affectionate, diplomatic, peacemaking, rational, curious, observant and an easy friend maker. They have their own weaknesses which include being shy, fearful of change, prone to laziness, stubborn, passive-aggressive, indecisive, permissive, unenthusiastic, too compromising, undisciplined, discouraging, passively sarcastic, non-participating. They are often not much goal oriented.

Finally comes the Melancholics, They are the artistic out of this world kind of personality. Their strengths include being thoughtful, considerate, cautious, organized, excessive planners, schedule oriented, detailed. They are highly creative in poetry, art and inventions. They are independent and good at preventing problems. Their weak areas include being obsessive, too cautious, prone to depression, prone to moodiness, perfectionist, pessimistic, difficult to please, deeply affected by tragedy, a person with a tunnel vision, procrastinators, discontent with themselves and others, prone to play the martyr.

So I was thinking How are these strengths and weakness distributed in my habits. So I took a test from the link below and this is what I got my honest results

OSPP Four Temperaments Test.


These are the results from the OSPP Four Temperaments Test. The calculated scores for each type are shown below (scores range between 0 to 24).

Choleric  9
Melancholic  14
Sanguine  12
Phlegmatic  16

Description of your temperament

Your temperament is phlegmatic. The phlegmatic temperament is fundamentally relaxed and quiet, ranging from warmly attentive to lazily sluggish. Phlegmatics tend to be content with themselves and are kind. They are accepting and affectionate. They may be receptive and shy and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. They are consistent, relaxed, calm, rational, curious, and observant, qualities that make them good administrators. They can also be passive-aggressive.

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      1. Strong reality you said ❣️ reality sucks big time…… Happiness comes in chota packs and the price paid for is too high

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      2. Oh boy.. then it’s more important to stay off social media…… all the best mate for exams ❣️…. M sure you’ll do the best ❣️

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