Anecdotes of blase loners – Episode of Celestial Reverie ?

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

15:17 and the plane landed. Riya was completely curled around my arms. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I kissed her forehead and said “We reached Cambodia.” we both got down the plane and took a selfie with the plane. Cambodia is a very beautiful country with rich cultural heritage. Siem Reap Airport felt like I have a close attachment with the place. Cambodian people were so warm polite, and welcoming and yes they were beautiful too. We finished our arrival procedures and got out of the Airport at 16:30. Our Guide was waiting for us. All three of us decided to have a coffee before heading towards the cottage. There was a nice coffee shop “The Galaxy Coffee” just outside the Airport and we decided to head inside. We decided to go ethnic and opted the traditional Cambodian khmer coffee. It was quite similar to our Indian filter coffee. Only a little extra thicker. It was refreshing. Our arrangements had a “lexus rx300” cab with our guide being the driver for 7 days. His name was “Chankrisna” which literally is a scented tree. I felt goosebumps all around my body when I heard his name. It had “Krishna” and so am I. He was a local from Siam Reap and was a guide for the past 10 years. We shared our itinerary with him. I asked him “My name is Krishna too and my favorite God is Krishna. So shall I call you Krishna ?”. He smiled and replied “Yes sir.” We got in the car. Originally we had planned with Yanick Cottage. But due to season and extension of checkouts by previous customers, they couldn’t provide us check-in on time. So guide decided to accommodate us in another place named “HanumanAlaya Villa”. It was a beautiful 4 star villa. Riya was all excited. Her first visit out of India, that too to a 4 star villa. She was speechless. We reached the Villa chankrisna dropped us asked us to get ready by 10:00 am in the morning tomorrow. we thanked him and finally checked in.

It was almost 18:30 and we entered our room. It was ethnic, its aesthetics literally blew our mind. There was aroma of Thai essential oils everywhere. Riya started crying. I asked her “What happened riyupiyu ? Why are you crying ?” She said “We are not from a rich family and when I see these luxury, I really think am I really worth it ?” I said “Yes we deserve every bit of this luxury, for all our sufferings in our past.l. For all the sacrifices we made for the family, friends and people who crossed the path of our lives. You know ? I also come from a very middle class family. For us eating Maggie noodles was a luxury. My father had struggled a lot in his entire life to keep the family financially stable. I wanted to do Engineering, but due to financial constraints, I settled for Bachelors of Science in IT and then I started working as a Customer Service Representative. Daytime I attended college and night I used to attend calls. I earned and invested my salary on savings out of which I did Masters of Science in IT. It took me a lot of sacrifices of my dreams to reach this point today. All these years I always dreamed of a good life and every time I built a dream, some responsibility or mishap shattered every dream. Recently its been a year since I stopped hoping or expecting anything out of life. I started accepting my life to be an ultimate fail, but in these 5 days and I feel like I have lived my entire life. You came in my life, merged in my soul.” I got teary at that moment. “After all you have to lose a lot to get something worthy. I lost my youth, my status in the society, happiness in my family and my good career. I have fallen apart to failures against hopes. You are that angel for whom I have paid all these prices so far.” She hugged me tight at that instant and said “Say no more……. ” We both changed and got dressed in casuals, kept our phones on, connected to WiFi and camera for charging. I WhatsApp called mom just to talk and she called her mom too. I told her and went out of the room for some arrangements and surprises. There was a beautiful Spa in the villa, I booked a 4 hour couple Spa and relaxation for tomorrow, called Chankrisna and asked him to postpone our program to Day after tomorrow. I knew we both needed a day off to relax and rejuvenate for a long expedition ahead. I returned to the room and saw riyupiyu fast asleep. Poor soul was very tired from all this travel. It was 20:10 already, I opened my laptop on the table and started learning about the temples. I was reading through the Angkor Thom, when my eyes went through an article, The temples were dedicated to Lord Vishnu, King Suryavarman II worshiped Vishnu, which sends a powerful message about how he envisaged his reign: an era of peace and stability. I got goosebumps all over my body. I am a Vaishnav henotheist and something made me attract to this place out of nowhere. I kept reading and ultimately doze off on the chair.

‘A dark tunnel, with very dim lights, a very powerful carving of Lord Krishna on the wall is illuminating from a little distance. I am in a proning position, lying flat with the chest down and the back up. I keep crawling towards the carving. The illuminating carvings is slowly diminishing its luminescence. I just reached the Carving and one dot of light is visible. I touch the dot and suddenly a chute opens and I am pushed hard into the chute, Its geometrically 30 degrees inclined and I keep falling underneath. It feels like a bottomless pit. I keep screaming (Krishnaaaa !!!!) Ultimately I land with a thud after 90 seconds of fall. Oxygen level too low. No light, only my dim torch light for navigation. Apparently I have landed inside a small room with no exits or idea of how to escape. Suddenly the small room starts expanding wider, I have no explanation for this phenomenon. I am still safe with not even a tiny bruise. The room expands unto 20 feet wider and around 8 feet apart something rises from the floor. It looks like a block of stone. I crawl towards it and try to analyze the block. It looks nothing more than an ordinary piece of stone block. But suddenly the rock slowly starts illuminating in sky blue color. In no time the entire room is brightened up by the rock. I am left astounded every single moment. The entire room has its walls carved depiction of Mahabharata. I could also see the chute ending above me from where I slid down all the way here. I had many questions, but I was numb to even think all those. Suddenly a beautiful peacock feather carving appeared on the illuminating block of stone and the stone started cracking, as if it was about to explode. I shielded myself in reflex action. There was a slight explosion and there room started expanding further. Tree roots started appearing out of nowhere and there was vegetation. illuminating butterflies were flying. The room was no more a room, It was a labyrinth of some kind.’ The stone shattered into many tiny pieces of pebbles illuminating the light even brighter. The feather carving manifested into a real peacock feather. I held the feather in my hands. It was no ordinary feather. The lights all focused on the right side of the wall and a carving (ខ្លែងព្រាហ្មណ៍) appeared on the wall.’

I suddenly woke up from the sleep. Riyupiyu was fast asleep in my arms and the time was 2:00 AM. I drank some water and thought ‘How did I come here ? I was browsing the laptop on the chair ?’ then I covered myself in the thick blanket, tugged my arms back on riya and went back to sleep. Was this one of the Episode of Celestial Reverie ?

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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