Anecdotes of blase loners – Tipsy Transit Segments.

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

Me & Riya reached Trivandrum Airport at 19:45 We got into the Airport and started the check in Procedures. Now since we are not rich or globetrotters, we do not know so much about Air travel procedures. So we took our own sweet time. We were amazed by the Airport interiors. It was Riyu’s 2nd time on plane and she was nervous. I wanted to ensure she is safe with me, so kept discussing random topics to keep her diverted. Eventually we were done with the baggage and check in procedures. We started waiting on the chair for the announcement of our flight. We still had one hour. Riyu tapped on my elbow and said. “Kicha I am nervous.” I was like “hahaha me too”. I suggested “Shall we drink for a bit for confidence ?” She agreed almost instantly. We both headed to a lounge. She told me “Now we will have some shots and then another round at Bengaluru what say ??” I was like “You just spoke my heart out babe.” She had a few shots of vodka and me as usual went with whiskey. She went slightly squiffy and me too started getting the heat in me. The announcement was made and we got rushed into the departure and got inside the plane, got seated. She was excited and nervous at the same time and so was I. I took my headphones and plugged into my ears and started my playlist of songs. We both held each other’s hands and kept our eyes closed. The plane finally took off and all the way of out 1.5 hours of journey, we both just kept on holding each other. I kept telling her. “baby …. in a few minutes we would be having more shots.” She was laughing in anxiety. Finally the plane landed at Bengaluru and we both felt relief and both of us laughed hard after the plane halted.

At was 22:34 when we landed, we went to the checkout area. There we had our immigration procedures. I got very emotional. Everything was a repeat mode for me. the procedure took around an hour and we were all done by 23:20 Riyu was very tired. I asked her “Will you have something to eat? ” she was like “No let’s get our shots.” We both found a really classy lounge and headed for a drink. We had 20 minutes to get drunk . So I decided to try another alcohol. I went with Vodka and She chose Whiskey, she had 3 shots and already was drunk. I had 7 neat shots. She was more than tipsy already, she said “Come let’s conquer this quest.” I was like “sure babe” We both walked towards the airport washroom. Dunno what happened to both of us. I pulled her on the corner and we both started kissing each other for a few minute. We forgot we were at the airport. People were watching and giggling and I got into my senses. I said “Let’s continue the rest of it later.” In a drunk state she smiled and said “yes babe”. Suddenly the announcement was made and we both headed towards the departure like celebrities, in full Confidence. I honestly never felt this confident in any of my plane journeys. I was proud of having a soulmate aside. It felt like two faded spirits are sprinkling colors of joy in their life. We got inside the plane and sat. Riyu looked at me and said in her tipsy tone “First ever time I am leaving the country. That too with someone I met 4-5 days back. It’s another level of adventure for me. I never in my life even imagined of falling for someone so quickly.” I said “Riyu… look I never in my life received appreciations or gratification from anyone. You are the first person, who blindly said yes to whatever I planned and naturally enjoyed my company. We are almost kind of soulmates. We both are scaredy pants and I love the fact that You accepted me in my natural way, than expecting a more stereotypical image of men the society had deemed.” It was 00:32 and the plane took off and we both held on to each other for a while. I was feeling less anxiety. I had Riyu in my arms. I took my headphones and plugged into my ears. I started my relaxing playlist of songs. We closed our eyes and eventually dozed off.

We both woke up to the announcement by the stewardess, the plane was about to land in a few minutes. I checked my watch and it was almost 04:23 IST, which was Ideally somewhere 5:53 ICT (Indochina Time). It was almost 4 hours of flight. We both could see the sun rising from the horizon. Finally the plane landed and stopped. I kissed Riyu’s forehead and said “Welcome to Thailand babe.” Though it was my 2nd visit out of India, I really did not want her to feel left out. So I behaved like it was my first international trip. We got down and the essence of the new country was much much different. We took a selfie with the plane and Started walking off to the reception area. I changed the timezone to GMT + 7 on my phone since both Thailand and Cambodia falls under the same time zone. We had some procedures, which we finished with the help of a few Airport officials. By then it was already 7:00 AM ICT. Our next flight was at 14:05 ICT and we had 6.5 hours in our hands. We decided to take a halt at Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge. We chose concourse D, which had a spa, a sleeping bunker room, buffet area and Wifi. Now I have a fancy for eating ethnic and traditional. So I said “Riyupiyu I am sure you must be very tired after lack of sleep, let’s first have breakfast and head to the bunker room for a nap. Then we will have a Spa session if we get time followed by beer and lunch before take off.” Riya looked at me with a smile and said “As you say my boy, but I have a request.” i asked “Yes please tell me ” She said “I would love us to eat thai breakfast, since we are here in Thailand, I would like to be more ethnic.” I was like “Are you serious ??? I am exactly the same kind of person.” We headed to the buffet area. We decided to go with the authentic Ala-Carte with some premium Molokai Coffee. I am a man of class when it came to choices. Our dishes were :-

  • Chicken Khao tom (Sounds like some saying eat chicken hehe)
  • Tom luad moo
  • Khai krata
  • Salapao

After breakfast, we sat on the lounge sofas and relaxed for a few minutes. It was 8:30 AM ICT and we decided to rest in the bunker room for a while. Ladies had a seperate bunker from gents. I took off my shoes, socks and pushed myself inside the blankets. I had set an alarm at for 11:30 AM. I dozed off and went into a dream sequence.

‘I was sitting alone on a promenade at Los Angeles, Riya was dressed in a white colored sequin slit long prom dress. She had two wings like Angels and was walking towards me, smiling at me, she held my hands and started walking me towards the sea There were bird chirping all around us and I asked her out for marriage. She only smiled. The chirping of the birds increased.’ I woke up to my alarm. One small dream sequence and 3 hours were off. I came out of the room and saw her sitting on the couch, busy with her phone. I called her out. She came running to me and said “Are you done with the nap ?” I asked her “Did you sleep well ?” She said “Yes”. We both headed out of the lounge for some window shopping. The airport was beautiful and had many shops. We went inside “Memories of Thailand” and started looking for interesting novelties. I bought a small gift for her, so did she, but both of us kept it as a surprise. We headed to “Jim Thompson” and got ourselves a pair of ethnic Khmer dress. We headed back to the lounge area and decided to have ala-carte Thai lunch. Our dishes included :-

  • Gaeng Daeng
  • Tom Kha kai
  • Tom Yum goong
  • Khao Pad & Pad Thai

We both then headed to the minibar and decided to have a pint of Doppelganger. Riya was very excited, she said “So bad we missed the Spa. The airport is so beautiful na ?” I got cheesy out of nowhere and said “Not as beautiful as you !” She made a sarcastically said “OMG !!!! Really ….. *poker face*” There was an announcement and we headed towards the departure. We got inside the plane. It was beautiful and different interiors inside this plane and 95% were non-Indians. First time experience for me too to travel with more foreigners. She held my arms tight. I asked her “Are you tipsy ?” She gave me a cute doggy look and shook her head up and down saying “hmmm” I hugged her and said “Me too, our transits are tipsy as hell hehehehehehe” Once again, I wore my headphones and started listening to my playlist. Her head was on my lap. The plane took off for one hour of journey to yet another country .

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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