Anecdotes of blase loners – Embracing the byways of life

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, do visit the link below.

7 AM and the alarm beeps. 4 days since we escaped Brendon’s wedding. We still had a week to spend with each other. I woke up like a lazy bum. Riya was already awake and busy on her laptop. I wished her Good morning from the bed. She smiled and wished back. She was busy working on something. I asked her “Whatchu doing riyupiyu?” She was like “My boss messaged me to write an urgent script. I am trying to write a Linux shell script.” I was like “4 Days and I am such a dumbass, I forgot to even ask you your profession.” She smiled back and said “I am an IT girl. I work on servers basically.” I gave a very faint reply “Wow …. It must be interesting na ?” She was like “Yes it is very interesting. By the way what is your profession ? I assume you are a musician.” I asked her “Shall I help you out ?” She was like “Leave it it’s not you piece of cake, but still if you insist, here look at this script.” I asked her to google it with my name suffixed <like a boss>. She got my blog link and the vanilla version of the script she was looking for. She read through my entire blog. She came running to me, I was sitting on the bed, meanwhile she pushed me on the bed. Our lips locked for a few minutes. then she asked me “Who are you professionally ????” I was like “You got the answer from my post… I am a techie too, dealing with servers and automation.” She was like “Pinch me am I dreaming ?? All these days I was with an Infra Guru and today I came to know.” I lifted her and carefully placed her on the chair and asked her to show the code. 10 minutes and her script was tested and ready. Then I asked her “I helped you and now you have to help me too.” she was like “Ask me anything, I am all yours.” Suddenly I got a cold blast of air pass through me and everything turned Sepia again I heard the exact statement from someone who was special and dear to me at on point of my life.

  • Heart started humming a malayalam song :- “Vaanum Chaayum thiram thaaratum.”

I had sung this song for her, when I decided to commit my soul for her. I wanted to attach myself to her soul. I tried my best, but failed.

Suddenly Riya asked me “Kya soch rahe ho ??” I was like “Nothing Riyupiyu ! bas yun hee kho gaya” Riya said “Toh jaldi batao, what you want from me !” I said “We have like 8 to 9 more days and are you ready for a surprise ?” She was like “Yaaasssss !!” I told her “Let us go to Cambodia, Angkor Wat Temple. I Just won a contest and earned 2 tickets to a 7 day visit to Cambodia.” She was like “OHH SERIOUSLY !!!” She was pretty shocked. I said “Yes lets redeem it today and leave for another journey. What say ??” She was like “Do you want me to die of happiness ? Chalo lets go !!!!!!!” I already had my passport, Aadhar card, GoPro camera with accessories in my Bag, which I was planning to use on my solo trip and remained untouched since I met Riyu. So I was already geared up and so was she. She also had her passport and aadhar with her all the time whenever she traveled. She was like “How will we plan ??” I said “You know how we roll….. No plan …… With the flow.” I quickly redeemed the prize and got the offer to book ticket today. It is a Visa-on-arrival to Cambodia for Indians and the stay cannot exceed 30 days. So I called-up the travel agent and got ready to grease a little extra on his palm, so he can fasten up and make our arrangements. I asked Riyu to pack up quickly and she packed mine too without me asking her. We both decided to keep this international trip as a secret. My family knew I am off for a domestic solo trip for 15 days and they were quite okay with it. Riyu had told her mom that she would stay extended with her friends at Goa. Later we both introduced each other to my parents and her mom, as colleagues. We were freshened up, done with the lunch, I closed all the payments here, confirmed our Air tickets and flight statuses, confirmed Hotel Check in in Cambodia, confirmed VISA procedure and made all the payments in advance and came back to the room. We were all packed and ready by 15:00. We still had three hours.

Me and Riyu sat on the bed, opened our laptop and started reading on what to explore at Siem Reap, we quickly wrote down the following 10 places to cover if possible.

  1. Angkor Wat Main Temple
  2. Baksei Chamkrong Temple
  3. Angkor Thom Temple
  4. Wat Preah Ang Sang Tuk
  5. Ta Prohm Temple
  6. Angkor Thum
  7. Neak Poun
  8. Krol Ko Temple
  9. Kutisvara Temple
  10. East Baray Temple

It was 17:45 already, we handed over the keys to the Resort and were waiting for our cab. My mind blasted back to the past and i went into a sepia mode again. I remembered my first ever international visit with someone, who was very special in my life. I asked Riyu ” I wanna tell you something.” She was like “Bolo my kichaaaa, but wait before you tell me something, I wanna tell you something, Please dont get mad at me.” I was like “No I wont, Please go ahead.” She was like “I often get panicked by Air travel. I have only been inside the plane once in my entire life. So don’t get angry if I react…. please……… Now you say” I laughed hard and said “Riyu !!!! Are you my female version ?? Dude I was about to say the same !!! Me to have hardly traveled by flight. I get anxiety and perplexed.” She hugged me tight and said “Let us both hold each other and we will feel better. I already feel safe in you presence.” I was like “Mee too riyupiyu.” I kissed her forehead. The cab arrived and we both sat in the cab and off to Airport.

Our Travel itinerary went like this

  • 2 hour Cab ride from our resort to Trivandrum International Airport, at 18:00
  • Flight 1 departs from Trivandrum International Airport, Kerala, India at 21:15
  • Flight 1 arrives at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India at 22:30
  • Flight 2 departs from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India at 00:30
  • Flight 2 arrives at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand at 05:55
  • Flight 3 departs from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand at 14:05
  • Flight 3 arrives at Siem Reap International Airport, Siem Reap, Cambodia at 15:15
  • 30 mins Cab ride from Airport to Yanick’s Angkor Cottage, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Check in to Yanick’s Angkor Cottage at 19:00.

Krishna and Riya were happily embracing the unplanned byways of their life.

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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