2020 – September Flash Fury

2020 is best described to be one of the most cursed years of the millennium so far. How do I even begin this, The events are so fresh that it hardly happened a few hours ago.

On a usual evening I have 8 PM tech meetings. Since there is a lock-down implemented in India due to the outbreak of corona-virus disease throughout the globe, majority of companies have their employees work from home to avoid getting or spreading the infection, therefore me too working from home. Wear my slippers, sanitize my palms, take a cigarette and lighter and with headphones on connected to the phone, leave home to attend the call. After Vodafone got merged with Idea, the Network has really dropped yet another bar in my area and the most difficult thing is connecting on google meet. As the call goes on, I walk on the society compound vicinity so at least that way I get some light workout, I am not mentally in a state for proper workouts or yoga. We have a doggy and a bitch and apparently they have made so many puppies, the whole compound is always lit with their presence and cute howls. I often play with the pups and the doggies, when I am on call. I often go to our society compound even when I want to talk to a close friend or even write a story. I get the required atmosphere and peace.

Yesterday was yet another usual day to begin with. 8 PM, I went downstairs. The call was going on. I couldn’t go out of our basement as it was moderately raining and I would be all drenched. But everything looked very usual. We have 4 buildings in our society and each one of them has its own basement area for parking two wheeler. I was walking in the basement area, puffing my regular double switch cigarette. Nothing really unusual, though I did not even give a slightest thought, how come is it raining so heavily on a September. I came back home and started working. After dinner I had a video call with my buddy. We were so much busy in our talks, suddenly Mom came into the room and said “Look outside, the water level has risen up to 3 steps.” I stay on ground floor (British system) and the only height that keeps our house safe is 5 steps which would be 4 to 5 feet probably. I saw 3 steps are already full and the rain is in no mood to stop at any cost. There were occasional thunders. But even the thunders were sounding very unusual. It was pouring continuously and by now we were just one step away water getting in our house. Suddenly at 3:00 AM the lights went off in our building and only way we could see the water level was from the light in the adjacent high rise tower. The electricity board had decided to cut power to avoid any electrocution mishaps. Nothing was visible. It kept on raining and our worry increased, we were one step away from water entering our house. It was a situation where we could do nothing but expect nature to calm for a few hours. I looked out of my window, suddenly out of nowhere there was an extreme flow of water, like a flash flood, from left side of our gate towards the right side. I felt like we are in the middle of a sea. The flow was so intense that a car parked 20 meters away was moving with water and crash landed on the right side concrete compound wall. I was shocked to watch all this live. Garbage Drums, Cardboard boxes, cycles from far off buildings were seen rafting through the gushing water flow. Out of nowhere the bitch doggie swam towards the floating carom board, which was floating on the opposite side basement and was wailing and howling for its pups.The doggie floated out of the society compound and vanished wailing. I was enough for the day.

Just an hour ago, after waking up, I saw, the rain has stopped and water level had receded. I thought of taking a stroll out. The roads were sloshing mud, there were cycles and bikes fallen off at random places on the road, trees uprooted and compound walls of many societies broken. The grocery shops in the vicinity were stinking very bad and owners were cleaning up their shops. I found carcass of a dog, badly disfigured. The whole road is stinking, dead rats at many places. I have no idea of the pups and the male dog. Now the sun is slowly shining between white clouds and the sky is bright. The news channels are flashing water logging news throughout the city and met department are blasting with a standard weather template news, predicting heavy rainfall for another 48 hours.

It takes a moment for a disaster to strike and the next moment everything is done and dusted and life continues as usual. Corona-virus is at its peak and nobody is wearing masks, least bothered. People have really started accepting the fact that, life keeps moving on. One day tragedy strikes and the next day they be like nothing ever happened.

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