Anecdotes of blase loners – Quintessence of yet another Commitment.

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

… So eventually Krishna and Riya both entered into a world of wild fantasies. The night was one wild night for both. Me as a writer really don’t wanna get into the erotic side of it in this blog post. But it will be a part of a chapter titled “Enamoring her Jewels ” in the book edition. So here I continue their story ahead.

9:00 AM in the morning, we were draped in a sheet wrapped around each other’s body on the bed. I opened my eyes lightly, checked my phone, it was 8:54 AM,then kissed her head and whispered in her ear, “Good morning Riyu.” Her eyes were closed but she hummed “hmmm” in response and gave me a cute smile. I pecked a kiss on her smiling lips and said “Wake up Riyu, its 9:00 AM already.” She hugged me tighter and said “little more time.” Honestly even I was not willing to move even an inch in the position we were in. I started softly kissing her neck all the way till her ear and softly bit her earlobes. She giggled and pushed me off. I got off the bed. The room was a complete mess. Our clothes were all scattered around here and there. There was only one chair and the handle of the chair was cracked and bent slightly. I cleaned up the mess quickly. got dressed and called the room service for 2 tea and breakfast. I brushed and freshened up myself, opened the curtain and the sea was looking beautiful as ever. >”trnnnn”< the room service had come. I collected the tray and asked for extra tea. I also extra tipped the guy. The breakfast was quite English though. sausages, bread toast, cheese, cold cut ham, bacon, 2 sunny side ups and mayonnaise with Djorn mustard paste. I set it up nicely on the table. Riyu woke up, freshened, brushed and came. I handed over her cup of tea and took mine. I placed the chair facing the sea view and sat gazing the sea. She came and sat on my lap. I looked at her and said “Somehow I feel like I am aging in reverse. I feel much younger. You managed to get my hidden emotional side out.” She was like “Neither of us were sexually virgins before we met, but I don’t know why, earlier in my previous relationship my body was open to a one sided emotion, expecting the other person to open up his soul and I miserably failed, He turned out to be a nothing but a horny piece of crap. With you I never had to expect anything. Everything just happened.” I smiled and said “I know that feel. Been there felt that exactly. My first relationship, I failed as I was possessive about her. It lasted for 5 years. Then one fine day she left me, when I needed her the most. I was jobless and lonely when she left me. I learnt my first lesson in life, (Nobody belongs to me and I should never be possessive with anyone). My second relationship is still a mystery for me. I don’t even want to think those days. I went into a state of dilemma between living for my family and ending my life for my ruptured reputation in society. I learnt the second and the most important lesson in life, (I don’t belong to anyone and hence I should never stoop my self-respect to please anybody). The trauma of those days still haunt me, scares me. ” She instantly hugged me when I said this. She was all teary eyed and she looked at me and said “It takes a man, a lot of emotions to cry.” I said “Tears determine how much a person is attached to someone, something, some event or even some mishap. I am still undergoing PTSD and that’s why I choose to speak and socialize less. People think I am boring and nerd and they chose to keep distance from me. I don’t really know to live like how people do. I have my own way of living life and I am content with it, much at peace.” Riya hugged me and she said “You know what that means ???? You are special. You are not like others. I know about your virtues, my instincts about you were always spot on since we met. I never found you harmful and that’s the reason why agreed to escape in your company.” We had our tea and breakfast which was already cold by now.

2:00 PM After showers and a light lunch, we walked towards the beach holding each others’ hands. On the way, we met Rachit and Sonali. They were like “Where did you guys Vanish in the middle of the dance party ???” Rachit got it from the look in my eyes and He told Sonali “Come on, Just like how we vanish from other parties, they too vanished yesterday.” We all had a good laugh. Then all four of us set off to “Anchuthengu Fort” which was like 20kms away from out resort, it was a 30 min ride. The road was almost a straight line touching the seashore. We caught 2 rickshaws and left. On the way our rickshaw ran out of gasoline. We were looking for another rickshaw when suddenly something caught my eyes. A travel agency distributing out promotion flyers. I took a flyer and read. There was a contest held and If we participate and won the contest, first prize would be a 7 day visit to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Riya caught another rickshaw we sat and left to the fort. Meanwhile I took my phone and quickly participated in the contest. Gave my details and answered some General Knowledge questions, tapped on submit. Meanwhile Riya was busy chatting with her mom and hardly paid any attention to me. We reached the fort. It was beautiful and Rachit – Sonali were waiting for us. We had to somehow convince them that our rick broke down on the way. Anchuthengu literally translates to five coconut trees in Malayalam. There is a beautiful lighthouse. We four walked through the fort and the lighthouse. It was 5 pm already. We decided to hire a cab to the Capital city “Thiruvananthapuram.” It was a 1.5 hour journey and we were off to Mall of Travancore to do some shopping. We reached there at 7:00 Sonali was well-versed with the vicinity as she had visited this place many times. Me and Riyu were holding hands and walking through the mall. Riyu was talking about her girl gang in college and how they used to enjoy shopping. I was silently listening to her. We got into a menswear and She got me a “Beige trousers and a Navy blue shirt” and then we moved to a women’s apparel shop where I got her my personal fav “White and red strip top and a denim jeans.” Rachit and Sonali also shopped for a while then all four of us gathered at the food court. We ate some chhole bathure and they had Veg hakka noodles. They decided to go for a movie and spend the night at the Capital City. Me and Riyu were in no mood for a movie. So we waved them goodbye and left for our resort in the same cab. We got inside the cab. Riyu was very tired and she laid her head on my shoulders. I placed her head on my lap while I was conversing with the cab driver. He was a smart young gentleman. I asked him to play some soft soothing Malayalam songs. and there my fav song was played “Theevandi – Jeevamshamayi.” When the song was being played I kept on softly running my hands through her hair. She was an Angel I was seeking all these years. The way she curled and slept on my lap reminded me of one of my Rakhi sister. She is very dear to me and married to my best friend. She slept exactly like this. I was smiling and suddenly the heart and brain got a chance to have a talk.

  • Brain :- So finally me and heart should shake hands on Riya being your choice ?
  • Heart :- Yes we should. He got the girl like you imagined.
  • Brain :- Still don’t go easy on her, always be alert and don’t get carried away easily.
  • Heart :- Don’t worry you won’t be carried away.
  • Brain :- Shut up you dumb heart. You are the only reason I get so much stress.
  • Me :- Guys please stop it …. I think she is my destiny…… Lets see how far this goes.

We reached the resort by 11:00 at night. The cab stopped and Riyu was fast sleep. I paid the Cab guy. He was a gentleman. I slowly and lifted Riyu in my arms and started walking towards the room. The room boy helped get our bags to the room. I always coughed up some extra grease to these wonderful hard working individuals, so they pay extra care. I carefully placed Riyu on the bed and covered her with sheet. Then i logged into my laptop and started waiting for the quiz results. The result was due at 12:00 midnight and i started reading medium articles to pass my time. The result was finally declared and to my surprise I came First. I was ecstatic to the roof. Riyu was fast asleep and I wanted to surprise her. I got the vouchers for Angkor Wat trip which I was supposed to redeem within a week. I thought I will ask her and will take a joint decision on the date of travel as we had a choice to complete the visit within 6 months. Since it was a scorching summer and winter was the best time to travel to Cambodia, I was already prepared for October. I just wanted to give this surprise to Riyu. I was just above to close my laptop when I turned back and saw Riyu awake looking at me. She was silent for a while and then she asked me “Watching Porn ??” I was like “Naaah, was checking some mails.” She said “Come quickly, I am sleepy I wanna cuddle.” I thought “Only 3 days and look at the quintessence of yet another commitment in my life, Thanks for everything God”, then quickly closed my laptop and jumped into the sheets and went off to cuddle and sleep. ❤ ❤ ❤

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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