Anecdotes of blase loners – Psychedelic Euphoria

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

I kept myself awake, throughout the journey, The feeling of her head on my lap was making me feel so much complete. As my playlist kept on shuffling between songs, The sky started getting bright blue outside. It was almost 6:00 AM and the train was at its full pace. We were due to reach varkala station at 9:15 AM. I slowly placed her head on the seat and went to washroom, freshened up, came back and carefully sat, placed her head back on my lap. I again slowly started softly caressing her head and she opened her eyes slowly, looked at me and in a cutest possible croaky voice said “Good morning Krishnaji, can I sleep for another hour ?” I told her “Okay dear, Riyu you can call me Kicha.” She was like “Okay Kicha.” and grabbed my lap to sleep for some more time. Suddenly, the same cold blast of past hit me, this time it was black and white instead of sepia. My hands were still caressing her head, as my thoughts rewind to 15 years behind. ( Someone special in life used to call me Kicha, My first love. I used to call her Kub. That was the first time ever in my life I fell for a girl. First time I ever said “I Love you.” First time I ever kissed someone. She was the most important person in my life at one point. First time ever I ever experienced the anxiety of love, obsession of someone, I was overly possessive about her. Though my intention was pure as my love for her, but my method was wrong. I never ever wanted to lose her in life. Remember there is a saying, “When a guy or a girl, introduces his / her lover to the family, that person is damn serious about their relationship.” I was in my graduation college and I introduced my entire family to that person. I don’t really know somewhere I was wrong and she left me when I needed her the most. Then one day, my sister left me, got married, I was jobless. Amidst many of family tensions, I wanted her with me. She cited compatibility issues and left me. The time was not in my favor. I went into severe depression. I felt like I lost a piece of my soul. Then I had started focusing more on chiselling my career to perfection until one day … ) Suddenly the train made a jerk stop. Riyu woke up and we had reached “Paravur” I asked her to get ready as our stop about to reach in 15 mins.

Finally we got down at Varkala. I called the resort to confirm our check-in, but they apologized us with unavailability of rooms. I called another resort “B’Canti Boutique Beach Resort” and luckily they confirmed our check in at 11:00 AM. We caught a rickshaw from the station to the resort. It was a 15 mins route. We got into the resort. I requested the manager to keep our bags into a baggage room until we checked in. The resort was facing the beautiful mellow morning sea. I held her hands and walked towards a vendor selling “idiyappam and kadala” with coffee. We had our breakfasts and walked towards the beach. Both of us were silent. We got a nice breezy place to sit. I held both my hands on her hands and looked at her, she looked back at me. Our connection had no questions and clarifications. It was a beautiful communication between emotions through eyes. She slowly laid her head on my shoulders and said “Kicha, I don’t really know we are meant to be or not, too early to decide. But so far I feel peace in your presence. You are exactly the kind of person I would enjoy.” I was carefully listening to her, she continued “I am not an adventurous person, I am kind of a wallflower, don’t mix well with everyone. I have always thought of marrying someone polite, civilized, understanding. I am not a feminist and don’t expect a guy to display his toxic masculinity with bikes or cars. I always long for a partner who is natural. Its okay if men cry, its okay if men are scared of certain things, its okay if men cook and equally help their partner in household chores, its okay if men don’t have six pack abs. Like how you said, every tiny effort made counts and depicts the true value in a relationship. I want someone with whom I don’t really need to adjust myself or make him adjust for me. If the soul matches then things happen on its own.” I interrupted “Like now.” She looked at me and hugged my arms. She said “Kicha…. 2 days back, I did not know your existence and look now …. ” I said “Sab time hai….. I was dead from inside. Somehow you kept me alive. These 2 days, you cleaned up my brain and erased all bad memories, you are my angel of healing.” I hugged her and said “Chalo lets check-in its 11 already.”

We checked in to the resort and I went to sleep as i was awake all night. She said “You take rest and i’ll talk to mom.” It was 1:00 PM, I woke up and she was busy with her phone. I got dressed in my light beachwear and asked her “Would you fancy a quad ride on the beach ?” She got dressed in her casuals and off we left to the beach bar first. Got ourselves seated in a sofa kind of seat and ordered us 2 Budweiser Magnums. There was a married couple who were looking for a seat, we both invited them to join us. Riya came and sat close to me. There was very little space and I was a healthy guy, so I whispered in her ears. “Wanna sit on my lap ?, its very used to this beauty now.” She laughed off and sat on my lap. The couple, Rachit and Sonali, were very friendly. We both were like “Drinks on us” to them. They got their drinks and we four started talking. Rachit was a mechanical engineer from Odisha and Sonali was an IT engineer in Bengaluru. They asked us “So how long are you two married. ” I promptly answered “We both are married to each other since 2 days.” Sonali asked “How did you guys meet. ?” Riya said “I met him 2 days ago in a train and now we are married.” Riya looked at me and we kissed . I said “We were two missing pieces of a jigsaw, now since we are found, we complete the puzzle.” We had a long chat and all four of us went for a quad ride. I asked Rachit “Do you fancy a race ???” Rachit was like “Chalo lets go !!”. Riya sat behind me and grabbed me tight and Sonali sat behind Rachit. We took the quad to a less crowded side and asked the Quad rent shop guy to count 3. One…. Two ……. Three … we both vroomed. I was careful of not bumping much, Rachit was a reckless rider. He went so much fast and his quad toppled a little ahead. I quickly took our quad there and helped them out of the bike. I told him “Bro you won !!” He hugged me and said “Bro thanks for helping me get off , you won my heart man.” Now we switched positions, Riya was riding and I was behind her, Rachit behind Sonali. They vroomed off back to where we started from. Riya reached first. She touched the finishing point and exclaimed “Yaaay we won.” I was already holding her by waist, leaned close to her neck, grouped her hair to one side and kissed her neck. Her eyes briefly closed and she whispered, “Kicha, I want more.” I whispered back “babe…. easy …… you taste fresh as a delicate marshmallow fruit salad.” she whispered back “sshhhhhh.” I leaned back and we got off the bike. Then we four headed to the restaurant to eat lunch (Karimeen fish curry, rice, chicken ghee roast, parotta and Dried prawns.) We were full. There was a dance party beachside in the evening and we and rachit-sonali decided to catch up. We got back to the room. I relaxed on the chair after a heavy lunch and riya washed her hands and face and threw herself on the bed. She asked me to join her. I went aside and laid aside her. She cuddled in my arms and started kissing my neck. Suddenly my brain and heart had something for me.

  • Heart :- “Dude it’s your time now, show her your love making skills.”
  • Brain :– “Where are your principles now ?? What if do her wrong and she gets hurt ?? “
  • Heart :- “Bro she is opening up and you should reciprocate.”
  • Meanwhile someone from down under was like :- “Dude this heart is torturing me, circulating a lot of blood, do something.”
  • Brain:- “Shut up you dumbos, bro you listen to me, take it slow, 2 days ain’t enough.”
  • Heart :- “The whole life is not enough to know someone. Live in the moment bro.”
  • Someone else :- “Listen to the heart man, understand my trouble too.”
  • Brain :- “Go slow, get absorbed in her soul, bodily love should be the climax of commitment, as per your ethics. Don’t break your ethics, be a gentleman.”

I was like “I should follow my brain.” Her face was very close to my face, i whispered “babe… lets take it slow, let our soul sink in each other before our body does.” She paused and looked back at me “You are so virtuous kicha, I was just testing you.” I kissed her forehead and continued to cuddle her in my arms. She said “I never received this level of respect in life.” I said “Girl you hold an elite position in my heart now and I don’t wanna waste it on a quickie.” We dozed off in the cool AC and then woke up straight in the evening. Me as usual got dressed and waited at the resort reception area for Riya. There I saw an angel like anomaly, slowly walking from our roomside,she was dressed in a “Estonished Dark Green Shimmery Party Dress” with “Golden Faux Stone Danglers” on her ears, wrapped in a sensational creamy matte pink shade of lipstick, there she came walking like a bride. I unintentionally got down on my knees, kissed her palm and held her hand like a sophisticated duke. We met Sonali and Rachit. Sonali was looking amazingly beautiful and Rachit was dashing too. We headed to the dance area. The party started and we all started dancing. Then “Sean Paul – I am still in love was played” , I don’t know what really happened to me, I held Riya’s hands and gazed into her eyes and started dirty dancing with her. She was responding well to my steps. We occasionally went to the tableside and had shots. She had tequila shots and I had “Three wise men” whiskey shots. We kept having a couple of more shots and dancing. At one point, Riya was almost pretty tipsy and I started feeling the warmth. I took her out of the party. She was still in her senses. She asked me “Where are we heading ??” I was like I have a surprise for you. She was like “Me too”.

It was almost dark at 8:30 and there she saw a somewhat similar setup like how I arranged in our impromptu date. This time less candles. There was a hookah pot on the table with a bowl full of Ice-cubes and a small bluetooth speakers. I had got this set up arranged from another restro guy. I sat down, she sat on my lap. I connected the speaker to some nice jazz blues and told her to take on ice cube and bite it. I took one and bit it and immediately took a deep drag from the hookah pipe. It was Rose mixed with green apple flavor. We both started getting high and started uttering nonsense stuffs. She took an ice-cube placed it in her mouth, looked at me, I laid my lips on hers and slowly sucked out the cube from her mouth. She Opened her purse and told me to close my eyes. I did, then she told me to open my eyes, She had a bracelet for me with “K” written in it. I told her “My turn now.” she was like “What ? You too ??” I told her to close her eyes, which she did. “Afterparty – outrun” was softly played on the speaker. starry sky above and breezy beachside. I told her to open her eyes and look above the stars. She did that, I took her right hand, and slowly slid the gold ring i got for her into her ring finger. She looked at the ring and was like “Kichu……… I am speechless”, hugged me tight and said “Today let our souls unite !!”. I was like “I wanna spray paint your greyscale psychedelic trip with my shades of Euphoria.” Krishna was officially committed to Riya and they headed to their room. Their souls had started sinking into each other and I guess it was time already !!!! ( —DND Mode On —)

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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