Anecdotes of blase loners – Angel of amelioration ?

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

We reached Guruvayur, the driver asked Riya something in Malayalam, She woke me up. Then he asked me

“Saare, Ambala kezekke nada etthi, Ningalkku evideya arannganndadhu ?”

Sir, Temple east facing has reached, where do you guys wanna get down.

I was like

Cheta, ivide arakiya madi, Shrikrishna lodge thekke pakkam aana, aduthu thanneya, nyangal nadannu pogam.

Brother. drop us here, Shri Krishna lodge is at the south side, not much far, we shall walk and reach.

We both got down from the car and started walking towards the lodge. The ambience of the temple vicinity was so much positive, Riya was highly excited to walk around the various shops looking for novelties. On the way we saw a garment shop. She shopped for a ethnic Salwaar kameez and I got myself a shirt and mundu. Then we headed towards the lodge, got the room keys and settled ourselves. It was 2:30 PM. We both were hungry. we both left the room and started walking off to the dining room of the lodge. We both sat on the chair, the waiter arrived and asked us what will we have. I asked Riya “What will you have Riyu (I called her Riyu with love)???” She gave me a poker face and asked me “Menu mein variety bhi hai ? !!” I was like “lol nahi ..sorry hehehe.” We ordered the lunch. It was her first ‘sadhya’ experience. With the banana leaf spread, I taught her the technique to eat food on banana leaf and then one after another, dishes started arriving. We really had a good time. Menu items were (Rice, sambhar, rasam, thoran, avial, eliseri, kaalan, oolan, payar, pappadam, pulinji, sarkara upperi and nendra kaay chips followed by a glass of chilled moru). The lunch was content. we both like literally wiped off the leaf clean, washed our hands, paid and started walking to the lodge. Riya told me “Krishnaji, today I got a new experience of Kerala food. I always wanted to eat in banana leaf, today you fulfilled it.” I turned around and put my hand on my own head and said in Shinchan style “Tareef ke liye shukkkriya.” She patted my butts and said “Bas karo nautanki ab.” We reached the room, our phones, headphones and camera were kept for charging. We took rest for a few hours.

It was 6:00 PM. i woke up and saw her. she was all dressed in ethnic salwar kameez with a cute little red bindi on the forhead. Me, as usual, got immersed in her eyes. She kept saying “Chalo Krishnaji, lets go…… “but I was stuck staring at her beauty. She pulled me and got me dressed. We both headed to the temple. The line was so huge. The temple has separate lines for men and women, so I decided to introduce her to a young girl and asked her to take care of her, as she doesn’t know the language and get her safely to the lake side of the temple after the darshan. Meanwhile I hopped into Men’s line. After 2 hours, I finally got inside the temple and amidst the heaping crowd, I got a glance of my Love, My Krishna. It was a very emotional moment for me. Luckily i got to see Krishna for longer than usual. Now if you read the previous chapter, You must’ve also read the post where I shared my relationship with God. Its highly immaterial. I never pray for anything from my God. I just want to see Him. Talk out my daily life with Him. Krishna is a part of me, my soul and we are inseparable. So as usual where devotees ask their Gods “Oh God please fulfill my wish, please bless me.” I was standing there and talking “What took you so long to bring me to you ?? How are you ?? How is everything here at temple ?? I love you Krishna !!” The crowd was just like a sea wave. I hardly moved an inch. They pushed me all the way outside, just like getting down at Dadar Station. A little bit ahead, there was an old lady sitting on the corner outside the temple, smiling at me. I went to her. she asked me “Do you want chandanam (sandalwood paste) ?” I was like “Yes”. She said come here son i’ll apply you some. So I obediently bent and closed my eyes as she applied it on my forehead. It felt relaxed and for a moment I forgot where I was. As soon as I opened my eyes, the lady had vanished. The paste she applied on my head was soothing. I felt like Lord Krishna Himself acknowledged me with his presence.

I walked towards the lake side looking for Riya, she was chit chatting with that girl whom I gave the responsibility of taking care of her. They had become good friends. The girl spoke good Hindi, her name was Priyadarshini. She looked at me and said “You two (Me and Riya) look amazing as a pair.” I got red and shy. Riya replied her with “Haan na ?? ” and then she held my arms with both her hands. (I am 6ft and slightly overweight, Riya is 5 ft 8 inches and almost fit). I looked towards the temple and asked Krishna with my inner voice “Hardly 2 days since I’ve met her, already we have started looking like a couple married for years. What magic is this My Lord ? Is the road going to be straight for me or are there any sharp turns ahead ??” Suddenly I heard Riya telling Priya “…………The road was very straight, but there were small turns.” I looked back at temple and smiled “I got your stamp of approval Prabhu !!”. We three went to other two temples , Parthasarathy Vishnu and Mammiyoor Shiva Temple. These two were busy talking non-stop, I felt very happy that Riya is happy. She asked me “Krishnaji, shall we go shopping with Priya for some novelties ?” I said “yes chalo.” We continued to stroll the street at different shops. They both got into a shop 2 blocks behind so I caught this opportunity and got inside a jewellery. Instantly bought a gold ring with initial (R) inside a heart shape, got it nicely gift packed, paid and put it safely inside my sling-bag. Suddenly a cold blast of memories hit me and everything turned sepia in front of me. I was stuck in a time warp. It was a relapse for me. Brain and Heart got a nice opportunity and there they strike again.

  • Brain :- “Don’t you think you are once bitten and you should be twice shy ?”
  • Heart :- “Everyone are not the same bro, Good people exist in this world too.”
  • Brain :- “How can you judge that in two days ?”
  • Heart :- “Two days kya, two hours are enough to judge the heart of a person. I am a heart and I know she is not like others.”
  • Brain :- “Krishnaaa…. remember, this heart is dumb, then when it breaks, you end up coming to me. Use your intelligence.”
  • Heart :- “Trust me nothing of such will happen.”
  • Me :- “I think brain you are right, I can’t fall into this emotional melodrama all over again.”
  • Brain :- “That’s like my boy !!!”

Suddenly there was a pat on my back, when I turned back it was Riya. “Krishnaji, kaha khoye ho ?? ” I said “Nothing was just looking at shops. Chalo chalte hai.” We came back to our room, dressed back to normal wear and later left for a north Indian restaurant to have dinner. Dinner was quite decent. We walked and talked for a while and got back to the room talking all the way holding each other’s hands. It was 10:00 PM I said “Chalo lets sleep for a while, wake up at 2:00 AM, we have a train to Varkala at 3:15 AM.” She was like “Wow … Yay !!! I am ready.” We slept for a while. We both woke up at 2:00 AM and started packing and we were getting ready for our next destination. Guruvayur is a place unlike others, where there is crowd 24/7 and since the temple opens at 3:00 AM, the crowd of devotees had already started forming. We checked out and caught a rickshaw to the Guruvayur station. Although the station was smaller than Thrissur Station (Where we had got down earlier), it wasn’t empty. There were families with kids waiting to catch the Trivandrum Express. I quickly went to the counter and bought 2 tickets for Varkala. Exactly at 3:15 AM, the train slowly rolled into platform 2. We both got inside the train and guess what ???? Again we got an RAC seat. We both ran and grabbed it . I looked at Riya, she looked at me and we had a laugh. I said “Riyu, you are a blessing in my life.” she smiled and said “I feel the same My Sweet Krishnaji.” She joined both the seats of the train and asked me “Krishnaji, can I sleep on you lap ?” I sat on the seat and she kept her head on my lap and curled herself. I Covered her with the shawl. The train started and caught a good pace. I kept caressing her head while she slept like a baby on my lap. I put on my headphones and clicked on play button. Co-incidentally one of my favorite song “Lat uljhe suljha ja balam – A.R.Rahman – Yuvjraj” was playing meanwhile I was looking at her innocent beautiful face sleeping I whispered to myself “Today even Krishna gave me a sign of acceptance to whatever is happening with me. I wonder what kind of a relation is destined for us. Is she my angel of amelioration ?.” It felt like a dream I had always wished, but never ever came true.

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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