Anecdotes of blase loners – Gratifying Conundrum

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

…. 7:00 AM alarm beeped. I woke up with a start. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was in Vengurla. Eyes were half closed and I was tripping at every step,walking towards the washroom for nature’s call. Finished off my routine followed by brushing of teeth and came out lightly awake,I looked for Riya on the bed and did not find her anywhere. I went to the balcony opened the curtains. Since the beach was west side, all I could see was a blue horizon and a cool breeze from the balcony. Then I suddenly woke up fully and realized, I don’t even have her number. I started pondering ‘How will I contact her ? Where is she ? is she safe ? ‘ I was perplexed. There was a knock on the room. I opened look at her all draped in a white shirt and nightwear pants. Her eyes were swollen, waking up from a slumber. In a soft coarse voice she said “Good morning !!” . I wished her back. I wanted to ask her, where she had been early morning. Before even I asked she said “Sorry, I went to get some nice fresh masala tea for us. Yaha room ka tea won’t be that nice, like the one we had outside the station yesterday, so I went outside looking for it.” I smiled back and thanked her. I served us the tea in 2 cups and went and sat on the recliner chair on the balcony, feeling the morning breeze. She came behind me and out of nowhere and asked me “Can I share this morning breeze with you ?” I was like “of course”, but there was only one chair. So I thought of letting her sit and stand for myself, out of chivalry you know. Before even I could react, she came and sat on my left lap and looked at me saying “If you don’t mind.” to which I said “no problem aao baitho…” Though it was a little awkward for me at that instant. I said “I was worried when I did not find you after waking up.” She gave me a lovely puppy look and we got lost into each other’s eyes. She said “Feels like I am reborn and just hit my adolescence.” to which I answered “You just spoke my heart out now.” We both had no plans of what to do and where and when to go next. We were done having the tea and quickly both of us took our phones and started texting. I texted my boss asking for an extended leave for another week, summing up a total of 10 days. Co-incidentally she did the same. I held her by hips, tugged her softly towards me and said “I Just earned myself an extra 7 days.” She exclaimed in reaction to it and said “Don’t tell me !!” and showed her whats-app chat and said, “I Just did the same.” Wow we both had the same thought at that very moment, Beautiful indeed.

I had already decided to go somewhere else after Brendon’s wedding. Now since I had described myself in the first part of me being a hippie, I had a few choices of places for my solo travel. I decided to share this trip with Riya. And I asked her “Lets go to Varkala, Kerala…. what say ?” She was ecstatic. She asked me “How will we go ?” I said “Leave it upon me life mein anything happens just go with the flow is my policy”. I quickly took my phone and booked a room at Organic Beach villa resort, Varkala and checked out the rail timings. Then I told her “all sorted girl!!” Now me being a South Indian and having a fluency in Malayalam Language, gave me more confidence. Riya was a Marathi Mulgi (girl). We chatted for hours looking at the seashore and don’t forget she was still sitting on my lap and I was having goosebumps all over, eventually we skipped our breakfast. We chose not to leave the room until we left and stayed inside.

We both took shower, got dressed in our summer wear and sat on the bed with AC turned on and curtains off. She opened her laptop and showed her family pics. She stayed with her 2 brothers and mother. Her father had expired when she was a child. I also showed my family pics. We were damn hungry and ordered food from room service. She asked me “Why do we bond so well ?” I was like “I don’t know, its all happening naturally.” She started with how She had been through her major break up with Brendon. I quietly nodded and giggled ‘I am toh leading in that case with my score being 2. lol’ .Then I started off.. “I am a happy-go-lucky child of my house. Always satisfied with whatever I receive. Therefore I never have any demand in life. All I ever wish is to have my own identity and people acknowledge it. Problem with me is that I am too simple to make people happy whenever I’ve been in a relationship. I always gave my best effort, but it was nothing but negligible bin their perspectives. Also I cannot accept an unhealthy bold outlook in speech and practicality. I am a man of principles and respect people respecting my principles which many of them don’t. So I am often the ignored or disliked one. A few vibe perfect with me and I call them my truddies (True buddies)”. She was carefully listening to me. Then she pulled my head and pecked a kiss on my cheeks and said “I wanna be your truddy.” I said “….well that depends on how well we discover each other’s similarities and accept our differences.” She said “I will open up myself with you, I just need some time.” I was like “Take your time, we are not here for some instant dating at a cafe, rather we never even intended to date. Everything is just happening and let us enjoy this aura and see where it takes us.” I almost promptly kissed her back on the forehead. She asked me “Why do you kiss my forehead all time ?” I said “Its a sign that I respect you Riya.” Room service arrived and we started eating, while watching shinchan and doremon on her laptop and eventually dozed off.

It was 18:00, we woke up, got dressed, packed and checked out of the hotel and got ourselves a cab back to Kudal station. We reached Kudal by 19:00 and Netravati Express from Mumbai was scheduled to reach Kudal at 21:00. We sat on the bench, I had my headphones on and was listening to some soft music. She was busy with her smartphone. Meanwhile My notorious Heart and Brain just came out of their burrows and started talking to me.

  • Brain :- “Bro, I never thought you would fall into woman matter all over again.”
  • Heart :- “What is wrong with you? Just imagine a girl trusting a stranger and going to an unknown place with him. If she can trust him, what’s your problem brain ?”
  • Brain :- “He is innocent and gets easily carried away because of you.”
  • Heart :- “He is a good Human being because of me.”
  • Brain :- “Oh Excuse me …. I am the one who makes him smart, not you.”

I whispered softly “Just stop it you two, let us see where these life events take me.” The loco slowly chugged towards platform number 1. We randomly got inside the train. To our bad luck, the TC was standing right next to the door, from where we got inside. I told Riya, “Go inside I’ll handle him.” I polity asked the TC,

“Cheta, nyaanum ende pennum veedu vittuta vannadha, naati poganam, nyangalde pranaya vivahama, Cheta kurechu sahayikyu, rendu ticket “varkala” etharaiya ?”

Me and my girl have left our home and are departed to native, our marriage is unaccepted love marriage, brother please help us a little, 2 tickets to “varkala” is how much ?

He smiled and said

“Ningal pranaya vivahitar aaya ee sthithikyu, enikyu oru aayiram ruva thanna madhi. Varu….. nyan seat kanikyam evideya irikyandadhu”

You two being love married couples, i will only take Rs. 1000 from you two. Come I’ll show you two the seat.

He showed us 2 RAC seat, I was like mmmmm interesting, RAC is where our journey began a day before at the same time. Riya was very impressed with my dealing skills with the TC. The train started moving. It was about 21:30. Netravati supplies dinner meals. I got myself a Chicken Meal. She was a little skeptical of food hygiene. I somehow convinced her and shared my meal with her. I did not want her to sleep empty stomach. I opened my bag and draped her with my shawl. Poor soul was already sleepy and her eyes were half closed. She gave me a cute little smile. I held her hands on mine and gave a soft kiss and wished her goodnight. Then I lied on my seat and asked myself one of the most difficult and confusing question “Am I going right ? or will this lead me to an abyss of depressions like my previous track records ?? Its a gratifying conundrum and I can’t even structure this……. Aah chodo aage kya hoga dekha jaega. ” With this being said on my mind I dozed off .zzzzzzz

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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