Anecdotes of blase loners – Detour to my consecrated abode.

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

… 7:20 AM in the morning and I felt a jerk from sharp braking, the train had touched Kerala already and stopped at a random place due to signal. We were due to reach Varkala at 18:30 so lot more journey to finish. Riya was shoving me , trying to wake me up, I heard her saying “Utho, Subah ho gai Krishna aur kitna so-oge ?”, Krishna is my nick name, I had told her earlier. My eyes lightly opened and the view I saw was something hard to describe in words. The beautiful mild rays of the morning sun was delicately touching her face and skin and making it glow. She was looking fresh as bunch of mint leaves plucked from the garden. I was getting hypnotized to that view. To add on the atmosphere, someone was playing “Sajan bin aaye – Bandish bandits” from the adjacent compartment. I softly wished her “good morning !”. I opened my bag and took my brushing pouch and told her “I’ll freshen up and be back.” As I reached the door side, I secretly opened my bag and popped out a Marlboro double switch cigarette, popped the switches, lighted and took one long puff at the door. It was a relief to smoke after 3 days. A couple of puffs later, I threw the butt on the tracks as the train was still stuck. I turned around to brush, Riya was standing there and staring at me disappointed. She asked me “You smoke ?” I said “Yes, occasionally, started since a year.” She was like “Okay” and went back to her seat. Suddenly my heart and brain poked me

  • Brain :- “Dude see, deja-vu for you …lol…. now she is not letting you to be yourself emotionally.”
  • Heart :- “Look, she cares for you, smoking is harmful that’s why she felt bad.”
  • Brain :- “Dude even I know smoking is dangerous, but occasionally its fine.”
  • Heart :- “You should’ve asked her before you smoked.”
  • Brain :- “What ?? I won’t let anyone control me. I am enough for Him. He is self made and is highly respected because of me.”
  • Heart :- “As if I don’t play any role in his character enhancement.”

I was like “Aree baba stop it now and let me find out a way to deal with her.” I brushed and returned back to the seat. She was reading a novel with headphones on. She did not even care to look. I felt guilty (which ideally I shouldn’t feel as all I did was something I occasionally used to do.) I was like “Riya…… sorry I did not tell you.” She looked at me and said “Its okay Krishna, occasionally is fine but i hope its not a habit.” I said “No re, i started smoking after some unfortunate events occurred in life.” She smiled at me out of care and said “Don’t worry, you will get over this habit completely, I am here for you.” She held my hands and said “Somethings are not your fault, I don’t blame you.” I was like wow, are there women like this too ???? I asked her in curiosity. “Are you a woman ?? You are so different and understanding.” She laughed hard on it and said “Krishnaji, I am like this, I don’t like to vent out anger, though something might hurt me at that moment, but then i get back to normal and understand the other person.” I felt so proud of her hearing this, she earned a layer of respect from me that instant and I opened my pouch and handed the cigarette box and lighter to her and I said “I will light this only with your permission and in your presence.” She smiled and pinched my cheeks “Good Boy, Now lets drink tea” The train started moving and I said “Probably we have to wait till the next station reaches.” She said “No don’t worry I already took care of it.” she too a flask out and 2 cups from her bag She had refilled the flask when I was asleep. She filled the tea cups and handed me a cup. I took a sip and said “Riya…… You are such a caring, understanding and polite woman. How come someone like you ever be betrayed ???” She cross questioned me “How come a polite, honest and decent person like you get betrayed twice ???” I nodded with a smile and said “Smart girl.” It was 9:00 AM and the train stopped at Thalassery. I got down and got 2 plates of idli vada sambhar for us with a plate of puttu and kadala. She had Idli vada sambhar and we shared the puttu and kadala. After breakfast she told me “I am going to read this novel for a while” I was like “Fine dear.” I took my sennheiser bluetooth headphones and connected to my phone to watch “TMKOC”. It was 11:00 AM and she was already done with her novel and I stopped watching . We started talking again.

Out of nowhere I got this sudden thing on my mind. I asked her “Riya …. lets get down half way, I’ll take you to a place and from there we will head towards Varkala.” She was like “I am fine, I trust your quick plans hehehehe It is fun.” I asked her “also ……. ” I whispered in her ears, “Are you on periods ???” … she giggled and said “No … there is time for the next cycle…… why ?”I said ” I wanna take you to a temple”. She was totally excited “Don’t tell me….. that Krishna Temple which is your abode ??” I smiled and nodded my head. She said “100 marks for this decision of yours, i was dying to visit from the time I heard about the temple, with big personalities like Ambanis and Our PM Sh. Narendra Modi having visited this place.” I had already told her that I am a henotheist and My relationship with Krishna.

If you all want to know my relationship with Krishna, click on the link below

The train had stopped at Kuttippuram Junction, I called the resort and informed I would be reaching tomorrow early morning instead. She asked me “So where are we getting down ??” I said “Thrissur !! We are off to Guruvayur, My soulmate Krishna’s abode and also my mother’s hometown.” She was very excited. Finally it was 13:00 and train slowed down, I saw Thrissur station approaching. I had butterflies in my stomach. The last I had been to Guruvayur was in 2009, with my parents, after my graduation exams. So it was a long time since then. We got down at Thrissur station, I kept my bag down at the platform and stretched my hands wide. I looked at her and said “Feels like home to me.” She hugged me from behind and said “Chalo take me to your Krishna.” We came out of the station. I booked an UBER to Guruvayur. We got into the car, it was a one hour journey approximately. I decided to sleep inside the car. She plugged in her earphones and listened to songs. I kept my head on her lap, she ran her hands softly through my head. I started crying . Memories of the physical assaults a few years ago, were hurting me real bad. As my tear drops hit her jeans, she felt me crying and softly asked me “What happened dear ? why are you crying ??” I said “I just recollected a similar situation in the past and I was accused of having an unusual phobia.” She wiped off my tears and said “Krishnaji, Its MY lap now, and MY lap only likes to feel your smile. not your tears.” I turned upwards and looked at her. She smiled and nodded her head while closing and opening her eyes. I held her a little tight around her arms. I felt safe with her. I dozed off on her lap until we reached Guruvayur.

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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