Anecdotes of blase loners – Impromptu date

… This is the continuation of the story . In case you missed the previous part, visit the link below.

… We finished our bottle of beer and I started getting hungry. I asked Riya, “Are you hungry.” She shouted of course I am. After asking the locals, we found out a rent-o-bike. We rented a scooty. I had no active license that time, since it was totally unplanned. Luckily she carried hers. She took the rider’s seat and I became the pillion. I just put on my thinking cap and started mumbling within my head ‘Is it really necessary for a guy to show his muscles, driving skills, chivalry and masculinity to impress a female ? Can’t being real work ? ….. wait am I trying to impress Riya ? Why am I doing this ? Maybe she is pretty ! Maybe she is broken and she needs someone ! But wait …… don’t I have terrible experiences with women ? Why am I trying to walk through the pitfall ?’ Suddenly the scooty stopped and She was like “Chalo lets eat from here.” It was a very beautiful small shack, touching the beach, selling nothing but fresh catch seafood. We had some really mean Kombdi vade, Rawa fried fish, Rice, Bhakri, Chicken Xacuti and Solkadi. Konkan food was phenomenal and highly reasonable. Everything costed nothing less than ₹200 for both of us. After food, we walked towards a nice shady bench facing the beach. She looked at me and smiled and asked “So, what next ? What do you want to do here in Vengurla ?” My answer was pretty clear “I am looking for peace.” She asked about my family and that’s how our conversation continued and while talking we both dozed off on the bench and were woken by the shack owner. It was 5PM already. We got back to our room. She started watching television and got busy with her whatsapp. There was a small balcony facing the beach, so I kept a chair and lay on the chair facing the beach in some deep thoughts and dozed off again. When i woke up it was 8PM and She asked me “what are you planning next ? ” I told her “Tomorrow we will leave this place to another unknown destination.”

I went to the reception of the hotel and requested a couple of things. The hotel staff agreed. I came back to the room and asked Riya. “Dinner karne chale ? I have a surprise for you” She smiled like a kid and agreed. I changed clothes and started waiting for her at hotel reception. Then I saw her for the first glance walking down the steps towards me. My heart & brain started conversing with me :-

  • Heart :- “Look at that angel heading towards you !! Look at her beauty”
  • Brain :- “No …. No bro ….. don’t get into this again…… you know what experience you’ve had in the past.”
  • Heart :- “Don’t listen to the brain, Look at her face, she is shining so bright with a smile and she is dressed to kill. She is doing all this just for you Bro.”
  • Brain :- “Heart is dumb, now it will say all this and later it will break, then you will come back to me logically.”
  • Heart :- “Don’t listen to the brain, Go and impress her. Show her what you are.”

She was dressed in a very pretty dress dark blue slit skirt and shiny navy blue top with polka dots and was heading towards me with all smiles. I held her hands like a gentleman and guided her towards the beach. She could see a beautiful setup, a white sheet on the floor with pillows and a dwarf table, surrounded by string LED lights and scented candles . She sat on the pillow and I sat next to her. I asked her “Farmaish kijiye, banda apke khidmat mein pesh hai”. She was speechless. Started off with some breezer followed by an elite dinner. After dinner, the hotel guy got a makeshift washbasin and napkins to wipe off and took all the plates and cleaned the place. I took my handkerchief from the pocket and asked her to blindfold. She was like “What more is left to make my day happy ?”and having this said, blindfolded herself. I called the hotel guy and told him to take away all the LED Lights and get some more scented candles. He did that and got a per-tuned guitar for me. I held the guitar and my fingers hit the first string and I started singing. “Dil ko tumse pyar hua – RHTDM”. She took off her blindfold in an extra surprise and kept on staring at me watery eyes with a smile as I was singing and looking back into her eyes. There was silence but our eyes were constantly talking with each other. I kept singing and playing a couple of more tracks that are dear to my heart and tagged “Specials” on my Instagram profile

  1. Musu Musu hasi – Pyar mein kabhi kabhi
  2. Woh pehli baar – Pyar mein kabhi kabhi
  3. Tera mera pyar – Kumar Sanu
  4. Suno Na – Jhankar beats
  5. Sham bhi koi jaisi hai – Aisha
  6. Tum jab paas aati ho – Prateek Kuhad
  7. Saawli si raat ho – Barfi

Then I stopped singing and playing. There was a brief silence. She said “You are such an amazing singer and guitarist.” “You just melted my heart like a mozzarella on a Chicago deep dish pizza” I said “Thank you” with a smile. She held my hands tight and was full of tears. There was a silence, all i could hear is the beach waves and the sound of her running nose as she was crying. I sat closer to her and hugged her by the shoulders and started working my hands over her head. I whispered “Its okay dear…. its life…… cry as much as you want to……….. cuz the moment you stop crying, all you are about to witness in life is smiles, laughter and peace….I understand what you are going through,” With that being said even I got teary eyed. My brain & heart interrupted me and started talking.

  • Brain :- “Dude, you are a guy what you are crying like a kid ? Stop crying be a man.”
  • Heart :- “Shut up brain, I am very clean that’s why he is crying. Let him cry”
  • Brain :- “Hahahah what a noob, cry like a baby boooohooooo hahahahahah”
  • Heart :- “Shut up idiot. You are one merciless part of the body.”

I whispered “Stop it you two, its my life.” Riya was like “What !!! did you say something.” I said “No” and continued talking to her while she was in my arms. Time was around 23:00 and was too late. I held her hands as we walked towards the room. We were getting ready to sleep, she slept on the bed and I slept on the floor, since i did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. Before hitting the bed, I told her “Riya this was a totally unplanned date, but it was worth every moment of life.” Riya looked at me pulled me towards her and gave me that timeless kiss on my lips, which almost started coloring all the faded dark parts of my life. Her lipstick was stamped on mine. Then she pushed me and smiled and said “Don’t say no more boy”… I laughed and kissed her forehead and wished her good night and laid the mattress on the floor, threw my pillow and then threw myself off to sleep. zzzzzzzzz

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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