Anecdotes of blase loners – The escapade

Good mystical morning to my blog readers. So…..which part of the archives from the brain to unfold today ? Travel ? “ah ha ha” one of the most controversial ordeal of my life “lol”. What comes on your mind when you think of travel ? The hustle-bustle of cities ? The lush green cloud draped mountains ? Snow capped hill stations ? Auburn Sun setting on amber sand dunes ? or beautiful sea on the view ?

There are many type of travelers. Some are planned patriots, No matter wherever they go, they stick to their plan of actions in a disciplined way. They maintain a diary of itinerary with timings, prices and activities. Often they end up being the best money savers in the trip and the least naturally enjoying kind, since they are constantly alert about expenses, time and plans. Some, rather many are Social media gadabouts. They are constantly posting pics on social media about the entire journey making live videos. Its like they have the beach behind them, but they see it only from their selfie mode camera. Some of them are cliché clingers, they blindly follow the masses and make bucket-lists to the common destinations. So what kind of a traveler are you ?

Okay I’ll describe myself as a traveler. My relationship with the word “travel” is purely imaginative and cognitive. I am a totally bucolic and adrift traveler. I don’t travel very often, but wherever I go, prefer to go alone and end up discovering my own portal of paradise. For me a travel destination is not necessarily a famous place. Being a music hippie, I love to travel like a vagabond, with my headphones on and some good money with me. People these days tend to suffix their travel experience with “Dairies”, I would like to contribute my anecdote with y’all. My trip to “Vengurla, Maharashtra, India”. It was a totally unplanned trip. Me and a few others were going to Brendon’s wedding in Goa. Brendon was my school friend. We were 5 guys and 4 girls in total, I hardly knew any, they all were just acquaintance for me . We were traveling by Konkan-kanya express. All of us had reached the Dadar by 23:00 and our train was scheduled to reach at 23:20. We heard the honking from far and there I saw the WDP4 crawling in hood forward mode towards Platform 3 (ferroequinologists will understand the jargon.). We located our compartment and berth. The train started moving. Me and my friend, Brendon’s colleague Riya were sitting in the adjacent RAC compartment. We introduced each other and started talking. Riya was least interested in going to this wedding and asked me how to escape the wedding. Honestly even I wasn’t much amused for the wedding and was forcing myself. I was already numb with so many unfortunate events in my life that anything hardly mattered to me. I told Riya not to worry and plotted a secret escape plan. Then we decided to sleep and the rest of the crowd were playing cards. When I woke up it was 7:20 in the morning and the train was smoothly chugging through lush konkan greenery. I woke Riya up and we both headed for brush and washroom. On the way she asked “all ready ?”……. I gave a reply back “Yes 7:55” with a thumbs up. We stealthily took our bags to the other compartment coach and silently waited. 7:55 AM and the train halted at Kudal Station. We got down, put our phones on airplane mode and started running towards the station exit. We waited until the train started and left the station. There was a tea vendor just outside the station. We stopped by and refreshed ourselves with some nice piping hot masala chai with bakery biscuits. We waited for an hour and switched our phones back on. Riya called Trisha, one of her friends traveling with us and explained how we got our bags stolen at Kudal and got down while chasing the thieves. We got the bag but missed the train. Sounded much convincing though. Trisha suggested to catch a train back to Mumbai. But we had something else on mind. We caught a rickshaw to the highway and then hitchhiked a car to Vengurla. We enjoyed the ride, the couple was friendly. It was 9:40 AM already and it was a scorching summer month of April. The heat was building up. We got down at kaka-kaki mandir, a very beautiful serene place to begin. From there we caught another rickshaw off to a resort named “Gajali”, which was almost at the tip of the beach side and booked us a room as couples. We got into the room and decided to take a shower and a short nap. It was already 11:30. Me dressed in a loose floral tank top and camo three forth and she dressed in a cream loose top and shorts, left off to the beach. It was 12:00 noon, scorching summer heat hitting straight above the head, I got two bottles of Budweiser Magnum from my backpack, wrapped it in a wet newspaper, handed one to her and started sipping. Lying on the sands gazing at the beautiful sea ahead. Life seemed sorted and peaceful, though both had our fair share of miseries and ups-downs in life. The beer started hitting her and she started crying how Brendon betrayed her for someone else, that’s when i realized she was Brendon’s ex. She kept mumbling and I kept responding with a “hmm”. she sounded more like a harbinger of my past life. In a matter of time, I almost got into my own zone and even I started crying. Imagine two 33 year old acquaintances, left home for a common friend’s wedding, ended up together at a place they never even thought in their wildest imagination to travel.

For the continuation of the story, click the link below.

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