Romantic Monologues – Short lived love… or was it really ?

In case you have missed their stories in the past, please do refer to the link below for the second part of the monologue named “First Kiss”

Harish and Amrita finally fell in love with each other. Slowly everyone in the college started noticing their love and as usual like a typical indian, started mocking the couple. Initially they took it sportingly, but later it started getting too personal and comments from the classmates were derogatory. Harish started getting angry at them. One day outside the college a group of grad students saw these two walking the campus and commented “Kids are making kids from kids and we are still single.” With that being said, Harish lost his total cool and went and punched the senior guy who commented on the stomach. Then a fight broke out.Other seniors surrounded these two and did not let anyone interrupt the fight, they were having a gala time. Amrita started crying and screaming for help. Finally ran into the staff room and complained to the professor. Professor came and stopped the fight and talked it out with Harish and the senior guy. Apparently Harish was suspended for a month from college. Amrita also scolded Harish to keep his composure and not got wild and mad at people. She was like “Kisi ke kuch bolne se hum waise thode ban jaenge.” Harish argued back saying “I cannot stand anyone saying a word against you. My blood boils.” Teary eyes she said ” I thought i fell for a dumb and calm and composed person, but i was wrong.” with that being said, she ran back to the class. The day ended.

Next day onwards :- Amrita and Harish did not communicate. Harish was suspended and the only way he could communicate was via calling. Amrita started avoiding Harish’s calls. One the last day of his suspension Harish went to college campus and kept on waiting for the class to disperse. He saw Amrita coming, she saw him waiting at a distance and changed path. He followed her shouting her name and she chose to ignore. finally after running harder, puffing and panting he reached. He said “Ammu why are you avoiding me ?” She was like “Mr. Harish, I am Amrita and not Ammu.” He got the first shock of his life. Ideally he wasn’t wrong fighting the abusive seniors for her. But she was on another aura. Harish fought with her and she was teary eyed the whole way till they reached the bus stop. the bus finally reached and she got into the bus without even looking back. Harish was like “Seriously what is happening !!!!”

After Suspension days over :- Harish returned to college lectures. Everyone saw him like an accused. One of the most irritating guy in the class came and sat next to him . Harish got mad and told him “This is my Amrita’s seat”. The guy behind said “Amrita has left this college, she transferred to another college.” Shock number 2 for Harish. He immediately left the class and ran towards Amrita’s house. He rang the bell. Her mother opened. She welcomed him politely and made him sit. He asked “What happened to amrita ? why did she leave the college ?” Her mom said she is not interested to study in Mumbai and wants to leave the city and are leaving Mumbai in 2 days and requested him not to ask her where they are going or why. She denied him from meeting Amrita and said “Harish you please go and do your studies well, don’t fight with anyone and be a good boy and successful person in life.” Harish left her house puzzled with questions all over his mind. He wasn’t able to digest the fact that one fight ended their 8 months relationship. The day after, he went back to Amrita’s society and secretly hid behind the garden wall and watched the family leave. He saw tears in Amrita’s eyes as they sat in their car and left. A truck followed them and eventually they were gone forever. As soon as they left Harish went to the watchman and asked him where they left for. The watchman wasn’t informed about anything either. Harish even tried asking their neighbours and they too answered the same. Never in his life had he come across such a difficult puzzle. A few days Harish stayed silent and hardly spoke to anyone. One weekend his colony friends called him out to play a match with the rival colony. He went played and won man of the match. He was praised by his teammates and he smiled after a long time.Later he started focusing on his studies and cricket and somehow managed to forgive and forget that event from his life.

1 year 3 months and 12 days after the event :- Sunday Morning, Harish just returned from his practice and was getting ready for bath. The phone rang and he picked

Harish :- Hello ? 
Other side :- Harish ???
Harish :-  Yes ... who is this ??
Other side :-  **brief silence**
Harish :-  Am.....ri......
Other side :- **hung up**

Harish sat down thinking, was that Amrita ??? that voice was somewhere locked inside his heart and today this phone call unlocked the voice again. Their love was short lived …. or was it really ?? Stay tuned to know what happened . Why did she leave Harish and the city.

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