I am good and I know that.

Good afternoon bloggers, welcome to the generation, where everyone is fighting without a goal or purpose to live. Money, fame and lifestyle is driving everyone to insanity. Everyone wants a better life than their immediate friends, relatives or neighbors. Jealousy is rising with competitiveness. People are more concerned about how much they can benefit from someone, rather than how much someone would be helpful out of them. They don’t leave a chance even to rob a beggar.

Life has been a roller coaster of anxiety and momentary peace. People only remember ,when they need. When asked for a help, we are either bombarded with ignorance, false assurances or lame excuses. We often get phone calls from people who don’t even bother our existence, unless they have a doubt at work. Being self contained of a kind, we don’t have a tendency to ask favors. But sometimes out of sheer excitement and happiness, we share our good news with them. They are too busy to even respond. After constant niggling, we get a namesake one. I wonder what makes us help them every time. Maybe something to do with upbringings. There have been times when I was working day in and out on a project for someone and the certain same person silently knocked me out of the project to favor his special ones. I have hardly received accolades for my work, which is not a concern for me at all. But individuals relocating a single block of brick, like a mechanical crane, end up getting Employee of the Month and Year Awards, which makes me wonder whether does these awards really matter ? They are sheer propaganda to make the donkeys toil harder for loyalty. These events creates anxiety, depression and sense of hopelessness among so many individuals and ultimately drive them to take extreme steps. Lack of motivation is the biggest threat to character development. It drains out your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness for working. So the question here is “How do you deal with these rapacious predators and most importantly with your own self ?”

Its advisable to strengthen your mind that you don’t need anybody but your own appreciation as a motivation for your progress. Secondly, deal selfish ones with brusque sarcasms. They deserve the help they asked for (your trait) with a taste of their own medicine (their trait). Respect the knowledge you gain and your ability, more than the company and their projects. Remain void of criticisms. Stay humble and polite as much as possible. Karma will reward you for what you deserve and Almighty with appreciate your consistent efforts with the appropriate results at the correct time. Remember the mantra “I am good and I know that.”

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