Exclusive Monologues – Double Confusion-ki-dukaan

If you are following this daily blog, you must be knowing our very own sweet confusion-ki-dukaan. I had written a monologue on her. In case you missed out, here is the link for the Monologue, rather a prologue for this monologue.


Coming back from our previous post, now the situation is double confusing for confusion-ki-dukaan. Did anyone ask her what made her take that firm decision of leaving the company even though she did not want to resign? Nobody actually asked her, all they felt was that she is happy taking that job opportunity which has come through her way. Inside story of Confusion-ki-dukaan is different, she was continuously being surrounded by negative people who tend to speak to her diplomatically telling her how she can tolerate the nuisance of being ill-treated by the boss whenever he crosses his moral boundaries, but back-stabbed her in front of the boss even though she had updated the colleague about the entire scenario of what is to be discussed at the time of the meeting. Poor confusion-ki-dukaan had to bear the brunt from the boss that she has done unsatisfactory work. 

Confusion-ki-dukaan would always make efforts and as usual she would not be appreciated and promoted being the victim of corporate politics.  The mentor cum boss should understand the reality, but then instead he would take her side.  Due to all such crazy reasons and being frustrated by facing such politics, she finally resigns from the Company, but the boss seems to be upset with her decision as what work she is assigned to is exclusively done by her in the company. No one else is being authorized to do that work! Nor her colleagues are ready to help her out with her work whereas she intends to help everyone out like mother Teresa.   At the time of resignation, she was being warned as what decision she is making would be regretful or would be made in haste. Perpetually she has to survive in the company for a month.  Meanwhile Confusion-ki-dukaan accepts the offer that she received from a very well-known Production house in the Bollywood industry. People dream to work with that “queen” of television industry (the company she hold the offer with) in India. 

Even though she has accepted the offer, she seems to be unsatisfied as she has been disrespectful to her mother and to her mentor-cum-boss, who has given her the knowledge and skill which she was looking out for in her seniors from the beginning of her career. She feels like to staying back as her boss has a perception that confusion-ki-dukaan is yet not ready to face the world and he has expectations from her that, one fine day she would make him proud by joining some renowned Company. 

Would she revoke her resignation and stay back with the mentor? or would the mentor cum boss would accept the revocation of resignation? Or would she go ahead with the offer and move on?

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