Confessions of a devastated soul

Welcome to the path of peace

1:00 AM, as I lie on this bed with thoughts running through my head.
Blood flowing up my cranium, like Medusa’s snakes craving to be fed.

As i look back at my life and all of those events.
And all the cheddar I earned in my life, spent on rents.

Situations and people teaching me, that life ain’t no easy like playing hopscotch.
Whether you are a broke-ass beggar or a business tycoon, top notch.

As the blunt hits harder, you feel the intense agony and lose focus.
Your pain feels like the wounds of thousands dead and orphaned in Damascus.

The notes from Frank Sinatra gets into your nerves in rhythm.
Reminds you of moments right from obstetrician to fathom.

You feel like a deemed antagonist doing a heroic deed.
Setting benchmarks and trying to establish a new category, a new breed.

– A “Hari Iyer” Original

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