Romantic Monologues – First Kiss.

If you haven’t read the previous Monologue “Nervous Pyar”, please do read it before reading this one. The link for “Nervous Pyar”.

So Harish and Amrita slowly started having mutual feelings for each other. Their common point of meeting was the Chowpatty beach. Every Friday, they met at the beach and spent hours walking, talking and staring at each other with love. After dropping Amrita off to the Bus stop, our Harish was totally engrossed in her thoughts, her smile, her laughter, her beauty, all the time. Meanwhile Amrita after going home started thinking about Harish too. She started seeing Harish’s face in every hero, while watching fight movies. Typical feeling of happiness. Somehow in these juncture, final exams for F.Y.J.C (First Year Junior College) was a week away.

The beauty of their love was amazing. They both wanted to impress each other to the best. So they never studied together. Harish started studying day and night so he could come first in class and impress Amrita. Meanwhile Amrita also started studying harder so she could earn respect from Harish. Everyday they met at college gate before the exams, smiled at each other and gave an all the best hand sign. They stopped talking until exams. On their last paper Harish finished it earlier and waited Amrita near a shop. During his Jr. College days the only pocket money he got is Rs. 500 for a month and he had to manage everything from Bus pass, food, hunger every other miscellaneous expenses within this 500. While waiting for Amrita, he bought a dairy milk. He saw Amrita coming from far and promptly hid his hands behind. She was smiling and coming towards him, he was already melting in her beautiful smile and eyes. She was like “How was you paper ?”. He said “Close your eyes first.” Without thinking twice she closed her eyes he got he dairy milk out and told her to open the eyes and said “Treat for you, though not sweeter than you.” She was all smiles as she took the chocolate bar from his hands and she returned his Chemistry book, which she had borrowed a week ago. It was not the sweet that mattered, the gesture was priceless. They both walked till the bus stop and stopped by to talk until the bus arrived. The bus arrived and before getting in she looked at Harish gave a smile and said “You made my weekend. See you on Monday”. He was so dumbstruck in her words that he didn’t even respond and realized once the bus left. The whole evening he kept thinking of her words and smile.

Those days, there was no Whats App and Facebook wasn’t much famous. Harish & Amrita only had a landline phone at home. Exams being over, Harish was bored and wanted to play cricket with his society friends. Harish’s mom scolded him to arrange his books and then go to play. While arranging the books, a piece of paper fell out of the chemistry book. It had a message. “If you read this, please call me at <number> after 7:20PM sharp.”

7:20 PM :- He called her. The phone rang for a few extra seconds and then it was picked up at the other end. there was a brief silence and He decided to say Hello first and he said “Hello ?”…. there came a reply “Hello “…. that was the sweetest thing that ever hit his eardrums via phone, He simply forgot his existence and was carried away into the aura of the happiness.

Harish :- “I miss you”.

Amrita :- “Your number is saved in my caller ID, I just want to hear your voice everyday.”

Harish :- “I want to see you , hear you, feel your presence.”

Amrita :- “Me too, Next week 20th November is my birthday and I wish you to be coming.”

She shared her home address and party timing.

Harish :- “You could’ve told me in the college na ?”

Amrita :- “I wanted to make my invitation special via phone.”

Harish was all red and shy on the other side.

Harish :- “Of course I will be there.”

They both hung up.

The whole week Harish was planning on what to gift her. He finally collected a few amount from his savings, borrowed some from his dad and purchased a sweet gift and gift wrapped it to perfection with a small note inside way in advance.

Finally the birthday arrived and he reached her house on time. There were many of her friends present. He met her mom dad and greeted her. The party began with some dance moves to indie-pop songs followed by cake cutting, samosas, wafers and juice. Slowly her friends started leaving the part as it was getting late. She pulled him out of the party to her room for a brief moment and they both hid behind her closet. She whispered “Where is my gift.” Harish, as usual was dumbstruck and overjoyed and handed over the perfectly wrapped gift and asked her to open. She opened it and what did she find ? A perfectly hand crafted dairy with 200 pages and a message note that read “Happy Birthday to a beautiful princess, who smiles and lights up everyone. A Princess whose beauty has no definition and no boundaries. A Princess whom I am enslaved upon wholeheartedly. I wish to be with this Princess forever. I Think I love you Amrita, or Ammu if you accept my love.” She got emotional and pecked a soft kiss on his cheeks, hugged him and said “Now go, your ammu is telling you to.” and pushed him out from behind the closet to avoid being caught. Harish got his dreams turning true and He was not getting a chance to even react on time.

Harish just earned Ammu and Ammu’s first kiss. How beautifully will this love blossom. Stay tuned to know more.

To Know what happened next, a twist of fate. Please check the next part of this Monologue “Short lived love.. or was it really ?”

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