Rendezvous with corporate myrmidons

Good Morning all to my wonderful readers. I came across a very interesting topic for my post. I have many colleagues, who respect and value me and I equally reciprocate them with what they deserve. But there are few, like those t shirts that lose color at first wash. That’s the nature of their quality. These are some individuals of the organization, who gets paid only for their mere existence. These are corporate myrmidons and I have dealt with a few of them in life, so here I am sharing some instances with ya’all.

I have a tendency to keep my distance from people who are dominating and sarcastic in their lingual dexterity. Therefore I hardly mingled with people personally. In the beginning of my career, when I was way below average at my work and a struggling learner, I was often a victim of corporate bullying. Many treated me like a blind nerd and never left an opportunity to deliberately misinterpret my innocence. I somehow got this inferiority complex, as I started bench marking myself with them. Slowly the self-respect meter in me started spiking and preferred to keep distance rather than trying to prove what I was. Eventually, I started spending more time of my day studying, learning, reading and interacted very less with people and earned the official title of quote “Alien at work”. When It was about work, nothing could absolutely stop me from giving my best, but that was the only time I remained active. I stayed in my cocoon whenever there was a social event or outing, as fortunately female objectification was not my source of time-pass. Working in a team with least number of females, I always felt a sense of insecurity among many of my female colleagues. Few of them were always stared upon at inappropriately and it made them feel uncomfortable, which they came and discussed with me. I always had a good tempo with the ladies at work in a friendly way. I always sat in the corner section of the floor in a secluded room, where I was more interested in learning new stuffs and implementing them or working on existing issues, devoid of whatever was happening outside, even there I wasn’t at peace. These herd of bullies always tried to perturb my concentration from work by trying to get me out of my focus and blend me among their filth so they get a laughing stalk. I never gave up on myself and stayed firm with my decision of staying secluded and deal them in a mellowest possible way.

The cheapest stunt thrown by these “erudite” was once me and one of my colleague was awarded for our dedication at work and apparently I was absent for the felicitation. These highly civilized ones placed a used condom in both of our envelopes containing the token of appreciation. This wasn’t even anything to do with any kind of vengeance, it was just to trigger a laughter episode among their group. That was a whole another level of corporate bully. The saddest part was that all my seniors were aware of this bullies and nobody dared to raise a voice against them. My closest buddy was bullied to another level. Personal messages were sent from his cellphones to random people when he kept phone at desk for a short washroom break. His photo was printed and stuck outside the boss’ cabin with weird derogatory graffiti on it. These are moments of horror for an innocent individual and I totally stood with Him.

Remember if at all you are judged and treated differently for not blending with the group, then you have been entered into the sanctum of bullying. Deal with patience and keep the composure. The moment someone crosses the line complain to the harassment department, record evidences and ensure everyone from the person and all their accompaniments are caught. Bullying & forcing someone is a crime and you have all the right to oppose before its too late.

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