Exclusive Monologues – Confusion-ki-dukaan

Lock- down was finally announced in India and Companies were asked to close down since some stupid deadly virus had erupted the business and normal course of people’s life. Many companies decided to work from home to continue their business and various strategies were made for the same.

This situation was happily accepted by the employees of those companies and in this time, there was one girl, whom i would pseudo name as Confusion-ki-dukaan, was happy and at the same time worried of the situation of how the work would flow and things will function in her team. She had been planning and working on a concept for a really long time and wanted the concept to be accepted and functional for the benefit of the organization, considering that, she was highly enthusiastic and hard working, her idea was ought to be approved. All of sudden one news spell the beans of the company and she was confused and paranoid at the same time, when people in her company were asked to leave, better termed as as layoff . Although the company was unable to vacillate many employees on board, confusion-ki-dukaan was unaffected and her job was secure. Looking at people leaving the organization she started wondering if she should look out for opportunities as there was no appreciation at work for her tremendous efforts and creative ideas. Her boss was trying to cross his professional boundaries, which was highly iniquitous, so she started looking for jobs in parallel and the job market was responding sluggishly.

Days passed by and she dropped the idea of leaving, for some time and put more focus on the idea which she was working on getting functional. All of sudden she started getting job offers from various companies. She denied a few for multiple reasons and for some she inclined to apply and proceed ahead for the interview. Confusion-ki-dukaan got successful as well, but her dancing in over-the-swing ended and again she was all the way confused whether to take the new opportunity or to show loyalty towards her current organization, although now, she no more likes to work from her heart and is working for the heck of of it. Eventually, the confusion raised in her mind was so high that, she ultimately gave up on a current job and opted to follow where her heart leads. But then again ……..

Will our very own sweet Confusion-ki-dukaan make a firm decision ? or will this loop de loop continue in a cycle ? Stay tuned to know more.

For the next part ” Double Confusion-ki-dukaan” click here.


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