Romantic Monologues – Nervous Pyar.

Come let’s time travel 15 years behind, to know the real story .

2005, Our protagonist, lets pseudo name him as “Harish” is getting ready for his first day at Junior College (We mumbaiites, start college life much before others, post our 10th grade.) Harish had taken Science stream post his 10th grade. Very excited for his first ever experience of college. He was wearing a blue checks shirt and navy blue pants , gifted to him by his Dad. Gets to the bus stop, catches a 202 LTD bus, drenched in brut perfume.Reaches college. The college was full of beautiful girls and stylish boys. It felt like entering a sanctum of venus (the god of love). That was the beautiful era of no smartphones, no social media. He reached the classroom and randomly sat with a girl on his right. First he did not even notice the girl and continued paying attention to his new College professor, instructions, rules, regulations. He was so excited to start learning science that nothing seemed to distract him on day one.

Day two – The same girl sat next to him, the professor was yet to come and harish was looking for his notes to prepare for lecture. This time she said “hello, I am Amrita how are you ?” and introduced herself. His eyes turned towards the right. suddenly there was a blast of mellow jasmine perfume and there he saw a very pretty girl with beautiful eyes, long open hair, the cutest possible smile, with a small mole on her cheeks looking at him. He was hung for a moment in her beauty. Then he saw her lips move and was trying to read her lips say “Hi, are you listening to me ?” apparently his ears had lost connection with his brain and had stopped functioning. He came back to his senses and introduced himself too. The two of them spoke for a while and it was time to disperse for the day. Her voice was a musical symphony by angels, her eyes were like an occult. She was shy and soft spoken.Harish offered to accompany her home. But realized both stay at opposite directions. Her dad came in a scooty and she left.

Harish took out his panasonic walkman and started walking towards the bus stop. The moment he pressed the play button it was “Aao Na – Kyun Ho Gaya Na ” played on his cassette ( His cassettes were mixtapes often back then.) He leaped into an abyss of candy world of thoughts with her as the Princess.

Few days passed by and their friendship continued. Whenever he opened his book to study, it was Amrita all over his thoughts. He was not sure, what definition to give to this feeling. Months passed by and by now she was friends with many in the class. But He felt special, as he was the first one. Harish started dressing spruce to impress her, but she seemed to be the same friendly amrita with him. One day he invited her to spend some time at chowpatty. Sharp 4:00 PM, he reached in polo tees and shorts, meanwhile she came in a pink dress and denim jeans pants. It was beautiful evening, they spoke about classmates, teachers, college, future plans for studies. Time went by and they hardly realized that the sun was about to set. They were sitting on the beach looking at the sunset, it was slightly breezy and her hair were flying. He gazed into her eyes and she gave the same gaze back . They both had a thousand mile stare and a 70 mm smile for each other. There was brief silence, as their eyes communicated with each other, as if they were related in their previous births. Ultimately they missed the sunset. There was so much ‘esprit de corps’ in their feelings for each other. Harish and Amrita had apparently just entered into a phase called “Nervous Pyar.”

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5 thoughts on “Romantic Monologues – Nervous Pyar.

    1. Thank you so much Rajanji. Yes….. This series will continue, and every two days there will be a new incident with the same characters 😊😊


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