Doctors of life – Teachers.

Birth, parental love, happy upbringing, happy adolescence, adulthood, love, travel, succeed academically, earn in lots, marry the sweetheart, have a good house, car, friends, have kids, repeat the cycle u have been through for your kids and die together. If you yield at least 50 percent of the above mentioned life events, then you my friend are one among the luckiest ones. Reality is much different for many. Life gets tougher for many from young age. Lot of us have already seen and been through things we never wish to.

Bullying at young age, puts you in a state of trauma, but there are some angels who make you feel good and get your confidence to deal with it. They may not be your class professors, but they are teachers.

You may excel in some field but you are pressurized to take the studies, that your parents dreamed about. You feel hopeless and frozen from inside, but there comes an angel who fights with your family just to place you on the right track of life and today you are a champion in that field. Those angels are teachers.

You may have failed in love and lost all the hopes to live. But there are some angels, who keep pestering you with their silly jokes and presence, reminding you that they care for you. They get you back to your real self from misery. These angels are teachers.

You suffer from a medical condition and you are losing your mind in anxiety of how to deal with the condition and come out normal. a few of them are lucky to come across angels who are just too good at coaxing and cajoling and strengthening the mind to fight the medical condition. Those angels are professionally known as Doctors, they are teachers.

You may be full of knowledge and ability, but all you lack is the opportunity to showcase your calibre and talent. Some of them will give you that opportunity. You may be struggling to cope with learning something new, but there are these ones, who behaves hard with you and gets you to excel in the thing you were struggling with. These ones are teachers.

On the contrary, there are instances where you see failures in love, job, studies, health. Depression, lack of hope, separation from closed ones, heavy monetary loss, cheat, deceit etc. If you hold on to your morals, stay patient, kind and somehow come out of it. Then your mind is your teacher and it adjusts to seek peace in whatever it finds.

Teachers are everyone from literally teachers to parents to siblings to friends to bosses to colleagues to even your own self.

Happy Teachers Day.

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