Subjective interpretation is a muddle.

Good Morning, Sabah alkhyr (listening to Arab top 10 hence came with the flow !! ). So here i am sipping my cup of masala chai, as usual and pondering what could i possibly write about. When i get a message from my friend, He was worried about his boo misunderstanding him. I paused chatting with him half way and a 100 watt bulb just lit above my head (Silly hyperbole ! hahaha). Subjective interpretations is the trouble here. Reminded me the story of a guy i know, who had a track record of getting misunderstood very often. He is my gooseberry buddy(Stay tuned for my next post on Gooseberry Friendships to know more) .

He was dating a beautiful girl and he being a librarian like me, has a trait of getting attracted to sweet words. We have a very different taste of liking people. Getting appreciated for our efforts are a major turn on for us, since every single effort we put is wholehearted. When someone tend to take no notice, we get upset, meanwhile when someone does utter a few words of admiration, we yield double the result. The same goes vice versa. We love to appreciate others for their efforts and we get upset sometimes when we aren’t acknowledged. That maybe our weakness too.

My friend, giving him a pseudo name Jim, one day came to me disappointed. His girl broke up with him and he is confused, what exactly did he do for her to break up with him. She had an ex-love interest and he was her friend even after they broke up. Then Jim came in her life. Jim was never informed about the ex guy and He never thought of asking. But then somehow he gets to know about the guy. He still did not take that much seriously, since he works on the principle of “The past being a dead issue.” But being a man of principles, he mentally started competing with the ex guy to win over her heart, even though she was currently dating him only. He wanted to impress her so much that, he wanted to make her so happy that she forget any residual memories of the ex guy. But as usual, my man Jim was a textbook of mishaps. He says something and means something totally opposite. That fucker is very poor at expressing in the right way. One day they both were arguing at some topic and he told her that, “Some people are so characterless that, they even date after knowing that their partner is committed.” He meant to metaphorically accuse her ex for no reason as he was in a virtual one sided competition with him. But she interpreted this for herself and the argument broke into a major fight followed by a split. He came to me and narrated this.

Only if he never competed and loved himself more than anyone, He wouldn’t have committed such a blunder. Only if she realized his insecurity and transparently spoke about her ex guy to him, maybe his faith and love would’ve strengthened. Both of them are equally at fault.

Guys love yourself above anyone, respect yourself above anyone. Just project it only when needed, rest of the time stay humble, stay kind and never feel that someone else is better than you, even if someone tries to put you down, because Subjective interpretations cause muddle.

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