Dreams, The 11th Dimension

Do you ever recollect, witnessing an entire new life in your shortest possible forty wink ? Dreams are one of the biggest mystery to understand. I woke up today with a beautiful feeling, no reason in particular. Then when I started thinking in reverse, I simply recollected all the instances like a power-point slide playing. None of them has ever been a part of my life. A few of them has been like a trailer for something that has happened later on (Déjà vu). Now according to string theory, one of the leading physics model of the last half century, the universe operates with 10 dimensions, therefore Dream is a 11th dimension for me. Sipping my standard ginger tea, here I go with my dreams

Sitting inside a Goods train with only one wagon from some station. I simply don’t know where am I off too. It was like 2AM at night. The station was dark with dim halogen lights at long gaps. Two beautiful small babies get inside the empty wagon out of nowhere and come crawling aside me. I lift those cutie-pies in my arms and start playing with them. Meanwhile suddenly time switches to Dawn and the train is already moving and the wagon is crowded with people. I jump out of the running train and find myself inside someone’s house. I have chivda with some pieces of dried coconut. As soon as i take another bite the coconut oil oozes into my mouth and bang i am in Kerala, wearing a vest and mundu, slicing potatoes into a huge wok with bubbling oil. Goddammit I am inside a Hot Chips shop. Then i toss the fried chips with a huge strainer spatula to remove excess oil. Some bright light hits me and then i am woken up.

I am still trying to figure out and connect dots for these events. I haven’t voluntarily seen any such event lately. Are dreams a different world ? Another dimension.

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