Ego vs Vanity !

Good Morning bloggers, plugged my brain with my body after a cup of tea. Was randomly thinking of something and somehow this thing pooped on to my brain. Generally, when people hold fights with each other, one of the favorite topic of argument among the learned ones is quote “EGO”. Ego is mostly misunderstood.

What is this ego ? a sense of the person’s self-esteem or self importance is the textbook meaning of “EGO”. Having a self importance is a must in life. Nobody, absolutely nobody has the authority to manipulate your mind to lower your character. Its a defense attribute you must imbibe within you so you can get them out when you feel vulnerable. Ego is nothing wrong, until its depicted excessively or used as a paraphernalia to threaten the weak ones, gaining control over them. That is when Ego is evolved into an evil entity called Vanity a.k.a Hubris.

Hubris-tic individuals always consider themselves as superior to anyone. Values and relationships are like a doormat for such individuals so they can rub off their footwear on them. They roam around thinking, they can buy off emotions with any perishable materials. They are often very powerful.

But as we all know nothing with extremity lasts forever. Extreme modesty is killed by vanity at the beginning and eventually Vanity is killed with extreme modesty. Therefore maintaining a balance is a must to sustain. Ego is that balance, if understood in the right way.

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